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‘Largest Public Satanic Ceremony in History’ to Take Place in Detroit; Meanwhile, over at the Episcopal Church…

Nuclear Iran: Is the U.S. Really Suicidal? ...America will be now marginalized, as will its allies. What is in store for America is obvious to anyone listening to the hate speech of Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. He keeps promising that he will continue fighting against America and Israel, and that Iran will neither stop its nuclear development nor surrender...

‘Largest Public Satanic Ceremony in History’ to Take Place in Detroit   A Satanic reproductive rights group is promising to unveil a one-ton bronze statue of a goat-headed Baphomet Saturday in Detroit, in a private ceremony open only to bearers of $25 tickets.

Organizers are billing the event as the “largest public satanic ceremony in history,” despite the fact that its secret location will only be revealed to ticket-holders and attendance is strictly controlled. Tickets go for $25 for ordinary seating and $75 for those wishing VIP treatment, including the chance to be photographed seated on the Baphomet monument.

A spokeswoman said that funds from the event “raise money to support Satanic Temple campaigns such as our reproductive rights legal action fund.”...

Meanwhile, over at the Episcopal Church… An Episcopal priest shocked his Queens congregation recently when he left his wife and married someone else — a much younger man.

The Rev. Juan Andres Quevedo-Bosch, 59, the archdeacon of Queens and rector of the Church of the Redeemer in Astoria, announced over Facebook last week that he got married in a Los Angeles church.

The Cuban-born prelate was pictured on a beach with the caption: “I’m in Miami Beach with my new husband. God is good.”

One churchgoer said many parishioners severed ties to the church after Quevedo-Bosch came out as gay at the pulpit a month ago.

“Most of the people aren’t coming anymore,” the elderly woman said. “Because he’s homosexual, people have stopped coming.”...

The Flesh Made Word: Tattoos, Transgression, and the Modified Body  ...Body modification is always a cultural signifier because the body is the site of our views about what a person is (or should be) and how that person should (or should not) behave. There are reasons why we modify our own bodies, and there are reasons why social groups pressure their members to look a certain way. Societies generally want conformity (and stability) from their members, but individuals within social groups often seek to highlight their difference and individuality.

If practitioners of body modification want the freedom to see their bodies as expressions of their individuality, then they must also accept that others might freely express their disapproval. In a world where we’re encouraged to rank, review, promote, “like,” or retweet every meal we eat and item we purchase, why should someone else’s aesthetic choices, however quixotic, be free from our relentless, instantaneous rush to judgment?

Our current approach to body modification—haphazard, arbitrary, and driven almost entirely by individual preference—is not without its own risks. By embracing modification as personal preference, we avoid wrestling with some important questions: What is the meaning of the body? Is it something sacred, a temporary gift that we have a responsibility to use well? Is it a bequest from God, or nature, for which we bear responsibility?...

Pilgrims to the Islamic State
What Westerners migrating to ISIS have in common with Westerners who sympathized with communism...

Douthat: Looking Away From Abortion
In an essay in his 1976 collection, “Mortal Lessons,” the physician Richard Selzer describes a strange suburban scene. People go outside in the morning in his neighborhood, after the garbage trucks have passed, and find “a foreignness upon the pavement,” a softness underfoot.

Looking down, Selzer first thinks he sees oversize baby birds, then rubber baby dolls, until the realization comes that the street is littered with the tiny, naked, all-too-human bodies of aborted fetuses.

Later, the local hospital director speaks to Selzer, trying to impose order on the grisly scene. It was an accident, of course: The tiny corpses were accidentally “mixed up with the other debris” instead of being incinerated or interred. “It is not an everyday occurrence. Once in a lifetime, he says.”

And Selzer tries to nod along: “Now you see. It is orderly. It is sensible. The world is not mad. This is still a civilized society…

Our Potemkin Life-We have built a society whose balance depends on the institutionalized killing of the unborn  ...Could we achieve a new balance that would accommodate the nearly one million children who are aborted every year, that would support all mothers financially and socially? Could we advance medicine without murder? Could we redefine “progress” so that it disallows advances that capitalize on the spoils of abortion?...

We Shouldn’t Be Surprised At Planned Parenthood’s Callous Inhumanity   While Kirsten Powers’ outrage at Planned Parenthood is well justified, it’s not anything new to those familiar with the organization’s ugly, racist, eugenicist history. And despite attempts by the group to downplay it, the behavior on display on those videos is, (as the president said recently in a different context, but much more accurately in this case) “in Planned Parenthood’s DNA.”

About a century ago, Margaret Sanger, the founder of the organization, created a journal called Birth Control Review. In it, she published numerous papers on the need for purifying the race through selective breeding and culling. Some of the titles included “Some Moral Aspects of Eugenics” (June 1920), “The Eugenic Conscience” (February 1921), “The Purpose of Eugenics” (December 1924), “Birth Control and Positive Eugenics” (July 1925), “Birth Control: The True Eugenics” (August 1928). From her own childhood experience, Sanger believed that overpopulation was the source of most societal ills, writing that she “…associated poverty, toil, unemployment, drunkenness, cruelty, quarreling, fighting, debts, jails with large families.”

Assisted Suicide “Doctor” Creates Device to “Gas” People to Death, Plans Public Demonstration  Apparently “helping” people kill themselves with a fatal dose of drugs is not enough for some assisted suicide proponents, which is why Philip Nitschke has created a device that will “gas” a person to death in a matter of seconds.

The Daily Record reports that Nitschke, also know as Dr. Death, combined carbon monoxide and nitrogen gases to create a deadly potion that’s delivered through nasal prongs. He’s also hosting a show to demonstrate how the device works at the popular Edinburgh Fringe art festival in Scotland.

Nitschke explained, “When the machine is used to end a person’s life, it uses nine per cent carbon monoxide with 91 per cent nitrogen. Having nasal prongs or a face mask delivering 100 per cent nitrogen, as will happen in the show, will have no effect on a person. But the audience will see a cardiac trace of the individual’s heart. I don’t doubt that there will be some fluctuation in that trace because it’s quite an emotive experience. Even just feeling the flow of gas into a person’s nose.”

Nitschke calls his device, “Destiny” and says it allows patients to take their own lives without assistance...

Don’t Pray About the Book of Mormon
...This means we should NOT pray about whether the Book of Mormon (and the Mormon religion) is true. Why? Because of this reason: Mormonism presents a view of God RADICALLY different from that of the Bible. It teaches that God is a created being who was once a man who became God and that we ourselves might one day become gods. It teaches that God the Father has a wife in heaven. It teaches that Jesus is a created being and the brother of Satan. It teaches that God the Father, once had a God Himself before He became a God, like all the other Gods before Him and that this is the way things have always been–God became a God, and His God did the same thing, and His God did the same thing, and His God did the same thing, etc. (How many gods exist in Mormon theology? A LOT! Even if Mormons claim to only worship one, their view of God is a RADICAL departure [see James White’s excellent article] from the Bible, which teaches that there is only one God in all of existence for all of eternity who exists in three persons (Father, Son, Holy Spirit).

Thus, I would argue that we should NOT pray about the Mormon religion and the Book of Mormon. This is because Mormonism teaches a view of God that is contrary to the Bible. Instead, we ought to submit to God’s voice in the Scriptures and adore the one true God in all of existence. If someone claims to speak a revelation about God we must test it according to God’s Word (the Bible) and if it contradicts it, we ought to reject it. Any person who teaches a view of God contrary to the Bible is a false prophet...

America's Marines Singing "Days of Elijah"
(I saw Robin Mark in concert last evening at North Syracuse Baptist Church and he mentioned the Youtube video of marines singing his signature song...awesome! -PD)


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