Thursday, August 27, 2015

Albert Mohler: Ashley Madison and the Death of Monogamy

August 27, 2015

It is true that some names listed as account registrations on the business may be fake and some people will surely face false accusations, but when the information is authenticated, exposure will come. That was not what registrants were signing up for when they set up accounts at Ashley Madison.
Given the numbers involved, the exposures are likely to hit nearly every community, millions of families, countless churches, and just about every major corporation and institution in the nation.

Christians face the responsibility to respond to these exposures with the full power of the gospel and the full measure of conviction. This is going to require the courage of every affected congregation, underlining the New Testament’s clear instructions on how to deal with sin in the life of a believer. This moral emergency also calls for the full measure of Christian compassion and care for spouses, families, and friends who are suffering for the sin of others.

But in the larger secular culture, the big question is whether adultery really matters or not. Marriage and monogamy have been subverted from an array of cultural forces. Moral revolutionaries declared war on monogamy, declaring it to be unrealistic, patriarchal, repressive, and antiquated. Popular culture and entertainment glorified virtually any experiment in sexual gratification and often portrayed adultery as the victory of personal autonomy and freedom. States dropped adultery from the law books, stating that “morals legislation” was doomed. Evolutionary anthropologists explained adultery as a natural and expected phenomenon.

The mainstream media seems to know that the Ashley Madison hacking story is big news, but the main concern seems to be more about embarrassment than shamefulness. the rest


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