Sunday, November 08, 2015

The return of scarlet fever; War on culture...more

The return of scarlet fever: Is it too tough to treat?  The bacterial infection known as scarlet fever has been on the rise in Britain, with cases also increasing in parts of Asia. Now new research suggests that the easily treatable infection might not always be so benign: It shows signs of antibiotic resistance.

Scarlet fever (or scarletina) is caused by group A Streptococcus bacteria, and it most commonly affects children between the ages of 5 and 12. Only a small number of people who have strep throat caused by group A strep will develop scarlet fever, which is named for the red, sandpaper-like rash it causes. The disease is unpleasant -- and before the invention of antibiotics, it was quite deadly -- but these days, though there is no vaccine, it's easily treated with antibiotics.

In a study published Monday in the journal Scientific Reports, researchers from the University of Queensland caution that the surge in scarlet fever cases may pose an unexpected threat....

This Isn’t A Culture War. It’s A War On Culture ...Even if we concede that liberals tend to lose elections that focus solely on social issues (the same probably goes for the GOP), and that Republicans are more philosophically flexible, the worst you can say about Tuesday’s development it that it points to a cultural stalemate — a state of affairs that is probably favored by more Americans than we might think.

The problem is that won’t do for the progressive Left. And with a bottomless well of grievances and yet-to-be-discovered civil rights, there’s no end in the fight for imaginary justice.
All of this is predicated on the idea that every person the Left approves of, no matter what kind of lifestyle they engage in, should feel entirely comfortable, loved, and accepted by everyone; everywhere they go, no matter what they do, never to hear an unflattering word from anyone. You can only try to achieve this utopia is by attacking, cajoling, and subduing other cultures to create philosophical uniformity.

Freedom of conscience clause eliminated by Church of Iceland The Church of Iceland has scrapped its freedom of conscience clause, ending the right of clergy to refuse to solemnize same-sex marriages. The resolution introduced by the Rev. Guðrún Karls Helgudóttir overturned a 2007 statement by the annual Church Council, the Kirkjuþing, that held the “freedom of clergy in these matters must be respected”. However Ms. Helgudóttir argued that it was now time“take things the whole way and place no limits on human rights.” The conflict between religious freedom and human rights must always be decided in favor of human rights, she argued. As state employees Church of Iceland clergy should not be allowed to place their conscience above the law. On 28 Oct 2015 the 29-member Kirkjuþing endorsed the resolution. It came after the Bishop of Iceland, the Rt. Rev. Agnes Sigurðardóttir (pictured) read a letter to the assembly she had written to the Minister for Home Affairs Ólöf Nordal, saying that she said their was no basis in Icelandic law for a minister to refuse to solemnize a same-sex wedding. In 2010 Iceland amended its marriage laws, making them gender neutral...

Ever opened a seemingly full bag of crisps to find it mostly empty space? Bag of Doritos 87% air!

Syracuse: Here’s a solution for lonely millennials: How about dorms for grown-ups?  In a new model of living, residents will have their own “microunits” built around a shared living space for cooking, eating and hanging out...


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