Thursday, December 03, 2015

"Prayer shaming"; The left's disgraceful reactions to San Bernardino shooting...more

"Prayer shaming" – The New York Daily News jumps in with both feet after San Bernardino ...What propelled some in the media not to go after the alleged attackers, who have turned out to be Muslims, but to launch a coordinated attack against those who pray?...

The media mocked conservatives who prayed in aftermath of shooting ...Progressive and liberal politicians called for gun control. And other politicians prayed for the victims and their families while waiting for more information.

That’s when things got super weird. For some reason, much of the media began mocking the efficacy of prayer. This was happening while victims of the shooting were actually asking people to pray. I mean, the critiques were everywhere. An editor at ThinkProgress said, and I quote,Stop thinking. Stop praying. There’s a bumper sticker for you!

Muslims Kill in California, NY Daily News Mocks Christians

Anne Kennedy: Buzzfeed, God, and the Shame of Prayer ...The very idea that God is not fixing it, that the person who prays and who offers prayer to the grieving, the broken, the suffering, should experience shame for doing so is a most instructive sign. God himself promises that he will shed forth his common grace upon humanity’s ugliness, keeping them in check, up to a certain moment. But then, when the time suits him, he will remove his gracious preventing hand, he will let humanity do whatever it wants to do. And we can know what humanity wants to do from the first few chapters of the bible. They want to grab, covet, lie, and kill. That’s what we most want. That’s who we really are.

God did provide a way for the human person to be “fixed”, and what an ugly way of saying it that is, and that was at the cross where he took all the death on to himself. You can have his solution, you can have his death count for you, but you have to repent, you have to say that you are sorry, you have to ask him to help you, to save you. You don’t get to have the merits and benefits of the cross if you are screaming angry at him for who you are and who he is...

The left's disgraceful reactions to San Bernardino shooting  ...Late on Wednesday night, Los Angeles radio station KNX1070 reported that “a neighbor did not call authorities about suspicious activity because she did not want to racially profile.” If this report is true, it will be a chilling example of how PC isn’t just something obnoxious. It’s something that can get people killed....

Deadly D.C.: The land of no consequences ...Have you forgotten? President Obama, who proclaimed himself “madder than hell” when the scandal first broke, apparently can no longer be bothered to care as he gallivants around the planet fretting about climate change.

How about some climate change at the toxic VA?...


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