Friday, January 01, 2016

Bp. Julian Dobbs: God is working his purpose out!

January 1, 2016
Bishop Julian writes that Almighty God is the Lord of history and that He is working his purpose out even when we cannot fathom his ways.
As one calendar year closes and another year dawns we are given the opportunity to pause and reflect on God’s work in our lives and in the world. As light dawns on 2016, our world is engulfed with tragedy and conflicts. At least 36 deaths in Texas, Alabama, Arkansas, Illinois, Mississippi, Missouri and Tennessee as a result of unprecedented Christmas weather conditions. Although under pressure in some regions, ISIS threatens the continued existence of Christians in Syria and Iraq. In Nigeria, Boko Haram has killed  more people than those who died in the entire ebola epidemic.  It could be said that respect for God, respect for property and respect for life are at an all time low.

However, the word of God continues to speak into the circumstances of our world.  In the late 7th century B.C., God spoke through the prophecy of Habakkuk into a world which draws many comparisons to global circumstances which confront us at the dawn of 2016.
Look among the nations, and see;
wonder and be astounded.
For I am doing a work in your days
that you would not believe if told.   Habakkuk 1:5
 As the dawn breaks on a new year, consider these insights from Habakkuk chapter 1 verse 5...


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