Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Looking for Britain’s future leaders? Try evensong: Europe's 'cure' for autism is euthanasia...more

 Looking for Britain's future leaders? Try evensong  ...College chaplains have seen a steady but noticeable increase in attendances at the early evening services which combine contemplative music with the 16th Century language of the Book of Common Prayer.

It mirrors a similar trend reported by cathedrals across England for growing congregations at choral midweek services, which appears to challenge the view that the church is in irreversible decline.

Chaplains say the mix of music, silence and centuries-old language appears to have taken on a new appeal for a generation more used to instant and constant communications, often conducted in 140 characters rather than the phrases of Cranmer...

Student Bible clubs temporarily suspended in Ohio after atheist group files complaint
  ...The Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) earlier wrote a letter to Superintendent Steve Wigton of the Lancaster City Schools to complain about outside adults conducting Bible studies during lunch time at different schools.

"It is our understanding that bible study groups meet during the lunch period at Lancaster High School and Sherman Middle School, and before school at Thomas Ewing Middle School," the atheist group said in its letter based on the listing of the clubs on the Faith Memorial Church website.

It said that "public school district must ensure that student religious groups are genuinely student-initiated and student-run, and that outside adults do not regularly participate in the clubs."...

What the Dutch learned during the Nazi occupation ...That medical procedure was called ‘euthanasia’, which means ‘good death’ in Greek. Indeed, what could possibly be better than killing a few thousand for the noble goal of producing a GM race of unbounded mental and physical health?

The underlying belief that it’s neither God nor the person but the state that has the ultimate sovereignty over human life is common to every brand of socialism, national, international or ‘democratic’ (‘democratic socialism’ is the oxymoron to end all oxymorons). The wording will differ, as will the scale on which this principle is implemented. But the principle will remain the same.

Hence in 2002 Seyss-Inquart’s former bailiwick became the first European country to legalise euthanasia, albeit only for terminally ill patients expressing a “voluntary and well-considered request” to be done in...

 Europe's 'cure' for autism is euthanasia ...According to an analysis of 66 of the 110 cases from 2011 to 2014, by psychiatrist Scott Kim of the National Institutes of Health and two colleagues, Dutch psychiatric patients were often euthanized despite disagreement among consulting physicians as to whether they met legal criteria. In 37 cases, patients refused possibly beneficial treatment, and doctors proceeded anyway.

The Kim report, published Feb. 10 in the journal JAMA Psychiatry, undercuts the very notion of a “voluntary and well-considered” request for death from a patient who is, by definition, cognitively and/or emotionally troubled.

Dutch doctors have honored the request for lethal injection of a seemingly lucid, physically healthy woman in her 70s who said her life had become “meaningless” after her husband was euthanized a year earlier for a terminal physical illness. And they have done the same for people who were in the grip of delusions or hearing voices...

Jun 1, 2013
Bus company De Lijn has jumped onto the digital art animation bandwagon with their brand new ads. Get the kids and enjoy their series of "It's smarter to travel in groups" commercials - they'll definitely make you smile.


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