Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Tools for the Journey; Lament over Brussels; Anglican Unscripted 222

Check out Fr. Chris Moellering's excellent blog As You Go.  The latest series is "Tools For The Journey" focusing on the spiritual disciplines. 

Tools for the Journey: Scripture
Tools for the Journey: The Golden Rule
Tools for the Journey: Perseverance
Tools for the Journey: Secrecy
Tools for the Journey: Time
Tools for the Journey: Contenment
Tools for the Journey: Focus

Anne Kennedy: Lament Over Brussels ...We have deluded ourselves, in the west, for a while now. It probably makes sense that somewhere like Bamako–dusty and chaotic–would be assaulted and bombed. But Paris? Brussels? The many miles of smooth, gracious architecture, the politesse and grace of the person handing you a big paper cone of French Fries. We thought we were good. We thought our calm quiet speech would calm and quiet the world.

And it hasn’t. Turns out we are not immune to evil. That chaos is happy to go anywhere and disturb everyone. And we flap around for who to blame and what to do. But meanwhile, the cross of Jesus has been abandoned, a relic in those glorious temples of forgotten belief...

Introducing Christ Church's Rector-elect, Fr. Paul Donison On Monday, March 14, 2016 the Vestry unanimously approved The Rev. Canon Paul Donison as Rector-elect of Christ Church. As Rector-elect, he will succeed Fr. David Roseberry as Rector of Christ Church later this year after immigrating to Plano, Texas.

Fr. Paul and his family are coming to us from St. Peter & Paul’s Anglican Church in Ottawa, Canada where he has been serving as Rector since 2009. Previous to his current church, Paul served as Rector of parishes in Northern British Columbia, New Brunswick, and Eastern Ontario. He and his wife Monika have four daughters: Anabel, Sophie-Jane, Erika, and Kirralee...


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