Monday, April 18, 2016

Christian converts from Islam fear retaliation in EU; PP calls Cruz "Biggest Threat"...more

Muslim Migrant 'Apostate' Converts To Christianity Fear Murderous Islamic Retaliation In Europe  Many migrants who are recent converts to Christianity fear retaliation from Muslims and that converting may become a “death sentence.”

One of the more surprising aspects of the migrant crisis has been the number of Muslims from places like Syria and Afghanistan, that have been converting to Christianity in Austrian churches. The Archdioceses of the Austrian capital in Vienna can hardly keep up with the requests as they get five to ten per week.

So far this year 83 percent of the recorded adult baptisms into the Catholic faith have been Muslims compared to 2015 when they were only 33 percent reports Kurier....

Mississippi gov. signs ban on abortions that rip babies ‘limb from limb’   Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant (R) today signed into law the Unborn Child Protection from Dismemberment Abortion Act, which will ban dismemberment abortions in Mississippi starting July 1.

Dismemberment abortions, also known as “dilation and evacuation” or “D&E” abortions, involve dilating a woman’s cervix and then using a sopher clamp and curette blade to dismember an unborn child and remove his or her body parts....

'Drone' hits British Airways plane approaching Heathrow Airport A plane approaching Heathrow Airport is believed to have hit a drone before it landed safely, the Metropolitan Police has said.

The British Airways flight from Geneva was hit as it approached the London airport at about 12:50 BST with 132 passengers and five crew on board.

After landing, the pilot reported an object - believed to be a drone - had struck the front of the Airbus A320...

Planned Parenthood Says Ted Cruz is 'Biggest Threat' to Abortion Industry  ...a badge of honor

Supreme Court to Hear Case of Christian-Owned Pharmacy's Refusal to Sell Abortion-Inducing Drugs 


At 8:53 AM, Blogger Sibyl Smith said...

Cruz is a bigger threat to the USA. He is a Bush globalist, for ruinous trade agreements, immigration, foreign workers taking US jobs. He is not any more a threat to Planned Parenthood than Donald Trump.

Most importantly, Cruz is ineligible - and his parents citizenship is unknown because he has sealed their papers. They may have been involved in a bigamous marriage, Mrs. Cruz a British and Canadian citizen.... sealed papers mean something to hide.

Cruz is also a liar, dirty, dishonest, corrupt politician - I would not vote for him at gunpoint. Feel the same way about him as I did Obama in 08.

Summary -

For the truth about Cruz - go to - to get the facts from a Texas former Cruz supporter. He has written a Concordance of Cruz corruption, lies, etc.

Cruz is Obama 2.0

√ Harvard educated.
√ First term junior Senator.
√ No leadership ability.
√ Career lawyer-politician
√ Considered Constitutional scholar.
√ Lecturing, talking down to others.
√ No executive, private sector experience.
√ Questionable citizenship, eligibility.
√ Records sealed to prevent investigation, proof of eligibility.
√ Parent/s with questionable citizenship
√ Parents questionable bigamous, illegal or non-existent marriage.
√ Lies constantly, brazenly, without remorse.
√ Use of dirty, dishonest tactics to win elections.
√ Relationship with non-mainstream Christian religious figure (Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Cruz’s Dominionist father)
√ Amnesty, foreign worker, Muslim/Cuban immigration advocate,
√ Work to diminish American identity and sovereignty.
√ Trade and immigration deals favoring foreign interests over American worker interests.


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