Friday, July 08, 2016

Dallas police attackers appeared 'tactically professional' and 'focused'; 'I Kind of Ruined My Life By Going to College'...more

Military experts: Dallas police attackers appeared 'tactically professional' and 'focused'  ..."All you can tell is that the shooter appears comfortable doing what he's doing. Controls the weapon, deliberate aiming/firing," Gibbons-Neff noted on Twitter. 
He added: "I guess what jumps the most is his assault on the officer. In combat, it's called a close ambush. If you're engaged from within 25 yards, you establish fire superiority and assault through the objective. Something — training or no training — this guy clearly did."... 

'I Kind of Ruined My Life By Going to College': 4 Student Debt Horror Stories  Millennials know the story by heart. Work hard in high school, go to a good college, spend four years to get your degree, and the sky's the limit. But college is looking more and more like a racket, and according to a new report, student debt has become a $1.3 trillion industry, with 42 million Americans footing the bill.

"I feel I kind of ruined my life by going to college," said Jacki Krowen of Portland, Oregon. A 32-year-old nurse, Krowen has a student loan balance of $152,000. "I can't plan for an actual future," she laments. And there are many who would consider Krowen a success by comparison...

To improve diversity, don't make people go to diversity training. Really.  In the cover story of the latest issue of the Harvard Business Review, sociologists from Harvard University and Tel Aviv University explore the counterintuitive idea that some of the most common tools for improving diversity -- one of which is mandatory training -- are not just ineffective. They could be detrimental to improving the number of women and minorities in the managerial ranks.

Making people attend diversity training may seem to make sense, said one of the study's co-authors, Alexandra Kalev, in an interview: "But it doesn’t work. For decades, diversity management programs flourished with no evidence whatsoever about their effects and their success."...


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