Tuesday, October 04, 2016

France: The Ticking Time Bomb of Islamization; Oregon High school under fire for 'white privilege' survey...more links

Oregon High school under fire for 'white privilege' survey 
A high school in Oregon is coming under fire from some angry parents after students in one class were assigned a “White Privilege Survey,” leading to accusations the school was trying to push a particular brand of politics.

The assignment was for a Literature Composition class at Aloha High School, KATU reported Thursday. Students responded to statements including, “I can be in the company of people of my race most of the time,” “I can be pretty sure that my neighbors in such a location will be neutral or pleasant to me” and “I am never asked to speak for all the people in my racial group,” scoring them on how often they felt the ideas were true.

“I think he should be learning actual education and not be a part of some social experiment or some teacher’s political agenda,” commented Jason Schmidt, whose son is in the class...

The catastrophic fiscal mismanagement of Chicago’s public schools   ...The seeds of the crisis in Chicago were planted long ago when powerful teachers’ unions negotiated implausible lifetime pension guarantees, and politicians, eager to win their favor, acceded. It turns out that Wall Street financiers are an unexpected beneficiary of this corrupt bargain.

Debt service is already eating up ten percent of the Chicago School District’s budget, and city’s deteriorating finances may cause creditors to jack up rates even further. If it doesn’t find a way to plug the holes in its fiscal ship, Chicago could well face the same fate as Puerto Rico and Detroit the next time a recession causes its tax base to contract...

Ed. Sec. John King: “Students who are homeschooled are not getting kind of the rapid instructional experience they would get in school”

France: The Ticking Time Bomb of Islamization
The French model of assimilation is over. As noted, it worked for everyone except French Muslims; and public schools seem unable today to transmit republican values, especially among young Muslims. According to Hakim el Karoui:
"Muslims of France are living in the heart of multiple crises. Syria, of course, which shakes the spirit. But also the transformation of Arab societies where women take a new place: female students outnumber male students, girls are better educated than their fathers. Religion, in its authoritarian version, is a weapon of reaction against these evolutions. .... And finally, there is the social crisis: Muslims, two-thirds of child laborers and employees, are the first victims of deindustrialization."
Islamization is growing everywhere. In city centers, most Arab women wear a veil, and in the suburbs, burqas and niqabs are increasingly common. At work, where non-religious behavior was usually the rule, managers try to learn how to deal with Islamist demands. In big corporations, such as Orange (telecom), a "director of diversity" was appointed to manage demands and conflicts. In small companies, managers are in disarray. Conflicts and litigation are escalating.

Silence of the politicians. Despite the wide media coverage around these two studies, an astounding silence was the only thing heard from politicians. This is disturbing because Institut Montaigne's study also included some proposals to build an "Islam of France," such as putting an end to foreign funding of mosques, and local training religious and civil leaders. Other ideas, such as teaching Arabic in secular schools "to prevent parents from sending their children in Koranic schools" are quite strange because they would perpetuate the failed strategy of integrating Islamism through institutions. Young French Muslims, even those born in France, have difficulty speaking and writing proper French. That is why they need to speak and write French correctly before anything else...

Gun show attendees had licence plates monitored, federal agents admit  Federal agents tasked local law enforcement in Southern California with recording the registrations of cars attending at least one gun show. The surveillance has angered gun enthusiasts, who called the action a violation of the Second Amendment.
Agents from the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency (ICE) asked local law enforcement to use plate reading technology to record information on vehicles attending the gun show in Del Mar back in 2010.

Data was then cross checked with information on vehicles which crossed the Mexican border, around 37 miles south of Del Mar, in the hope of finding gun smugglers, according to the Wall Street Journal (WSJ)....

Obamacare Is Dying, And The GOP Should Be Its Death Panel   ...Here’s something worth remembering: If we evaluate Obamacare using the parameters Democrats themselves laid out when campaigning and passing the historically partisan reform, we have no choice but to view it as a debacle.

Of course, there’s the obvious instances of outright falsehoods: take Obama’s “If you like your health-care plan, you’ll be able to keep your health-care plan.” Millions of Americans have been forced off their insurance plans, no matter how much they liked them...

Norway Allows Children to Legally Change Gender—without a doctor’s approval, counseling, or surgery

New DNA Testing on 2,000-Year-Old Elongated Paracas Skulls Changes Known History


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