Tuesday, November 01, 2016

German Streets Descend into Lawlessness; Rainbow Blight: Obama's LGBT Legacy

German Streets Descend into Lawlessness
◾During the first six months of 2016, migrants committed 142,500 crimes, according to the Federal Criminal Police Office. This is equivalent to 780 crimes committed by migrants every day, an increase of nearly 40% over 2015. The data includes only those crimes in which a suspect has been caught.
◾Thousands of migrants who entered the country as "asylum seekers" or "refugees" have gone missing. They are, presumably, economic migrants who entered Germany on false pretenses. Many are thought to be engaging in robbery and criminal violence.
◾Local police in many parts of the country admit that they are stretched to the limit and are unable to maintain law and order.
◾"Drug trafficking takes place right before our eyes. If we intervene, we are threatened, spat on, insulted. Sometimes someone whips out a knife. They are always the same people. They are ruthless, fearless and have no problems with robbing even the elderly." — Private security guard.
◾According to Freddi Lohse of the German Police Union in Hamburg, many migrant offenders view the leniency of the German justice system as a green light to continue delinquent behavior. "They are used to tougher consequences in their home countries," he said. "They have no respect for us."
◾"It cannot be that offenders continue to fill the police files, hurt us physically, insult us, whatever, and there are no consequences. Many cases are closed or offenders are released on probation or whatever. Yes, what is happening in the courts today is a joke." — Tania Kambouri, German police officer....

Rainbow Blight: Obama's LGBT Legacy
Late last week, NBC News posted an interesting column centered on the "quiet" mission of Obama's gay foreign policy. My only question is: what's quiet about it? Americans have watched an almost eight-year parade of LGBT activism from the rainbow flags at U.S. embassies to global bullying on homosexuality. During her time in the administration, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was the Grand Marshall of the celebration, declaring to the world that "gay rights are human rights."

And now, two terms into that overseas mission, those "human rights" are profoundly trumping human needs. In a sweeping decision last week, the administration announced a new rule that puts faith-based aid groups in the crosshairs of the far-Left's crusade for genderless bathrooms, showers, and other facilities. National Security Advisor Susan Rice cheered the move in a speech at American University. Insisting that "the United States also needs to do more to institutionalize efforts to promote LGBT rights," she explained that her office is doing its part to reverse what she called the "backwards" environment the administration inherited in 2009. (By "backwards," I assume she means one that respects the First Amendment rights enshrined in the Constitution.) "As part of that commitment, I'm pleased to note that just yesterday, a new rule went into effect that explicitly prohibits discrimination by USAID contractors. This rule means that any organization that contracts with USAID must ensure that all people can benefit from its federally-funded programs, regardless of... sexual orientation and gender identity."

Translation: any organization with moral objections to the president's LGBT agenda will be ineligible for government aid contracts...


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