Wednesday, November 23, 2016

The Tsunami the Media Never Saw Coming; Cult of Obama: 'He’s our Jesus Christ.'”; ...more

Study Finds Churches with Conservative Theology Still Growing   ...The project surveyed more than 2,200 churchgoers from Anglican, Presbyterian, Lutheran and United churches in Ontario, according to an executive summary. About half were part of 13 mainline Protestant congregations whose membership had declined at least 2 percent over the past decade, while the other half attended nine churches that had grown at the same rate.

Researchers attended services at all 22 churches, after which they asked congregants to complete a 40-question survey, Haskell said. They also interviewed all clergy and a number of congregants who had completed the survey.

In those interviews, most clergy and the congregants of the declining churches blamed changes in society for a drop in demand for religion.

But, comparing the religious beliefs and practices of both the declining and growing churches, Haskell said more clergy and congregants of the growing churches held firmly to “traditional” Christian beliefs and were more diligent in practices such as prayer and Bible reading. That includes a more literal interpretation of the Bible and greater openness to the idea that God intervenes in the world, he said...

The Tsunami the Media Never Saw Coming
...So, on Election Day, voters fed up with the arrogance of the elites didn't only reject Hillary Clinton -- or Barack Obama and his legacy, or big swatches of liberal culture in general -- they also rejected the liberal media elite, the ones who thought they were smarter and better than ordinary Americans...

Cult of Obama: 'He’s our Jesus Christ.'”   ...Obama is still a powerful force for the generation that grew up working for him.

“He’s our Jesus Christ. We’re crazy,” said Jaff, not without self-awareness. “It’s 10 years later, and we’re still obsessed.”...

How Journalism Turns Into Propaganda ...Somehow, large parts of our civil society have succumbed to that base but instinctive drive in people to lord it over others. That drive, as always, motivates those who tend to seek the reins of power. History is filled with unsavory characters determined to reset the universe so it revolves around them...


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