Tuesday, February 07, 2017

NY Gov. Cuomo: ‘Put abortion rights in New York constitution': IS recruiting child refugees as they head to Europe...more

NY Gov. Cuomo: ‘Put abortion rights in New York constitution’
New York Governor Andrew Cuomo on Monday called for a state constitutional amendment to codify abortion rights should Roe vs Wade be overturned, the latest idea from Democrats eager to push back against the new administration of President Donald Trump.

Addressing hundreds of abortion-rights supporters rallying in Albany, Cuomo said New York must ensure that legal access to abortion services and birth control continues regardless of what Trump and other Washington Republicans do.

“Our rights are under attack in Washington,” Cuomo said at the event. “As they pull on our rights, we’re going to push back.”..

Santa Clara University Bans Conservative Group, Saying It Makes Liberal Students Feel ‘Unsafe’  At Santa Clara University, offended leftists are doing all they can to keep conservatives off campus.

Turning Point USA advertises itself as a group promoting “fiscal responsibility, free markets, and limited government.” Some Santa Clara students went before the school’s student senate to apply to start their own chapter on campus. A small group of students made their pitch, and then students and faculty at the school delivered speeches opposing the group.

In the end, the senate rejected the proposal, saying the group would make students feel “unsafe.”...

Islamic State recruiting child refugees as they head to Europe  Hundreds of asylum-seeking young people are going missing from care once they arrive in Britain, amid concerns they have been targeted for radicalisation by extremist groups during their journey to the UK, a think tank report has warned.

Militant groups such as Islamic State are deliberately preying on vulnerable young people for recruitment, as they make the perilous journey across the Middle East and north Africa, to Europe.

Extremists try to “buy” the allegiance of migrants and make them feel indebted, by working with people traffickers and funding their travel, the research by the Quilliam Foundation found...

Public School Is Often The Most Destructive Institution In American Life  ...Actually, teachers unions are the only organizations in America that openly support segregated schools. In districts across the country — even ones in cities with some form of limited movement for kids — poor parents, most typically black or Hispanic, are forced to enroll their kids in underperforming schools when there are good ones nearby, sometimes just blocks away.

The National Education Association spent $23 million last cycle alone working to elect politicians to keep low-income Americans right where they are. Public service unions use tax dollars to fund politicians who then turn around and vote for more funding. The worse the schools perform, the more money they demand. In the real world we call this racketeering.

Yet according to Randi Weingarten, president of the American Federation of Teachers, it is people like DeVos who are “a grave threat” to the public schools “that made America great.”

Well, for starters, studies consistently show that minority groups in America’s largest cities are lagging in proficiency in reading and math. Most of them are at the bottom 5 percent of schools in their own state. There is only so much an education secretary can accomplish, but being accused of being a “grave threat” to this system is a magnificent endorsement...


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