Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Former transgenders share sex change regret stories; Anthem will drop out of Ohio's Obamacare market...more

Seven States Have Just One Abortion Clinic Remaining, And They are All Failing ...Recently, Vice published a puff piece on seven abortion businesses that have the distinction of being the only (and, we hope, last) one operating in their respective states. The article consists entirely of quotes from the owners/staffers of these facilities, with no fact checking or context whatsoever. I can’t even call it journalism.

Most egregiously, Vice failed to include any information about the health and safety records of these final facilities. So we’ve done the work for them...

See iconic D-Day black and white photos brought to life in color On the 73rd anniversary of the D-Day invasion, black and white photos newly rendered in color bring history to life.

Brazilian artist Marina Amaral used Photoshop to color both iconic and unfamiliar images of the largest amphibious invasion in history for the June 6 anniversary...

Anthem will drop out of Ohio's Obamacare market; 18 counties could be left with no ACA plan A big Obamacare shoe just dropped in Ohio.

Health insurer Anthem said Tuesday it will effectively exit its Obamacare individual plan business in Ohio, leaving potentially 18 counties in the Buckeye State with no insurer selling plans in 2018.

Anthem, which sells Obamacare plans in 14 states this year, left open the door to dropping out of other states next year...

After London Bridge, World Is Sick Of Politicians Downplaying Terrorism   ...But whenever political leaders do dare to talk candidly about some of these problems, there’s intense pushback and outrage. Take Trump’s travel ban. Like it or hate it, the ban was aimed at curbing immigration from countries that are de facto failed states. These are places where a terrorist could easily go unnoticed by whatever remnant of a security service remains and fly to the United States undetected. When Trump unveiled his travel ban earlier this year, America practically devoured itself with protests at airports, counter-protests, and a wave of lawsuits. The reaction robbed us of any real chance of having a conversation about the ways in which we might need to reconsider our immigration policies for the sake of national security...

A.S. Haley: Trumphooey
In the face of yet another onslaught from the never-Trump, ever-snorting boars (actually, bores) in the media, echoed by world so-called leaders from Europe and elsewhere, and by the brainwashed Democrats who can still commandeer a platform for a statement, it is time to pour another dose of cold reality onto the overheated political front.

Briefly: behind the Gadarene rush to condemn President Trump's announcement that he will no longer abide by the provisions of the Paris Agreement signed by President Obama is nothing more than political posturing. The campaign is designed only to spread rampant disinformation in an effort to undermine Trump's public support.

At the same time, the remarkable breadth and effrontery of this campaign is highly revealing of the motives of those behind it. There is no science (understood properly, as a prediction of what will happen when a process is repeated) to back their claims. Instead, there is a consensus of the like-minded and like-motivated, around the moniker of "climate change" (after all, who in his right mind could disagree that the climate changes over time?), that is propped up by highly flexible (and debatable) computer models.

Former transgenders share sex change regret stories in new documentary   A new documentary shares the untold stories of a group of people whose existence many try to deny, or simply don't know exist: those who underwent "sex change" operations but then experienced regret and ended up accepting their biological sex.

TranZformed: Finding Peace with Your God-Given Gender will be released June 15. Pure Passion Media and Mastering Life Ministries are behind the film...


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