Tuesday, August 02, 2005

The Episcopal Church in Tatters
By Ben Joyner

I believe the Episcopal Church has already completely unraveled but it has not been acknowledged as yet. We witness bishops, in the name of preserving diversity and inclusiveness, using authoritarian tactics that would disgust all but a few of the most malicious among us.

These bishops act not as Shepherds of the Master they claim to serve but as petty lords over fiefdoms whose sole purpose is to maintain ham-fisted control over their real estate empires. This entitlement without responsibility mindset is exacerbated and encouraged by the timidity or outright silence of the vast majority of the House of Bishops.

It's a diocesan dole. They get paid handsomely but don't produce anything. Instead of preaching the Gospel they spend their time parsing canons to enhance their authority and run up an obscene amount of legal bills to justify their behavior. Some of them really would make Joseph Stalin proud.

When atrocities such as that which Bishop Andrew Smith of the diocese of Connecticut has committed against Fr. Mark Hansen and the parish of St. John's, Bristol, are tacitly tolerated by the HOB, respect for bishops is further eroded. Respect is not gained by employing despicable bully tactics in the name of a merciful Savior.

Nor is it enhanced by using a convoluted interpretation of canon laws that I dare say would even make Henry VIII blush with acute embarrassment. I pray that a spiritual awakening occurs to inspire these Bishops to behave as the chief pastors that they are supposed to be rather than as CEOs of corporations accountable to no one.

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