Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Eight Hundred Pastors Lining Up to Understand How to Resolve Church Conflict
Wednesday, Sep. 28, 2005
Posted: 12:16:44PM EST

A ministry that takes its name from Matthew 5:9 will be holding their annual conference to equip and assist Christians and their churches to respond to conflict biblically.

Beginning tomorrow, 800 pastors will be attending the Peacemaker Ministries’ national conference on biblical peacemaking in Dallas, which ends Oct. 1.

"At this conference, we’ll be able to touch 800 lives and give them the tools they need to deal constructively with conflict,” said Executive Director Ken Sande.

According to Sande, there are 19,000 major church battles every year, while 1,500 pastors leave their church every month and 35 percent of American Christians get divorced.

"We believe that because the seemingly unresolvable conflict between God and humanity was resolved totally, joyously, and eternally through the Cross, then by faith we can regard every conflict as resolvable," stated Sande.

Since 1982, Peacemaker Ministries has been committed to helping Christians realize there are ways to reconcile every conflict. The network of ministries believes that conflicts arise from unmet desires.



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