Saturday, February 11, 2006

Pro-Abortion Scientist Finds Abortion Causes, Rather Than Prevents, Serious Mental Disorders
Results indicate over 90% of abortions therefore likely committed in violation of law
February 10, 2006

( – New research from a pro-abortion New Zealand scientist has found that abortion causes serious mental disorders. The study, by David Fergusson at Christchurch School of Medicine & Health Sciences, tracked approximately 500 women from birth to 25 years. It showed that women who have had abortions, even when previous indicators are taken into account, have a much higher than average experience of serious psychological disturbances.

Fergusson had anticipated that his research would prove the abortion advocate propaganda that abortion relieves anxieties and gives women a greater sense of control over their lives. He assumed that problems experienced by post-abortive women would be traceable to mental health problems that had existed before the abortion.
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