Thursday, March 09, 2006

AAC Statement on the Archbishop of Canterbury's Letter to the Primates
March 9, 2006
Cynthia P. Brust

Archbishop of Canterbury Says Sexuality Debate Will Not Be Reopened at Lambeth 2008
In a pastoral letter to Anglican Communion Primates issued last night, the Archbishop of Canterbury “set out his thinking” on Lambeth Conference 2008. Noting the “lack of enthusiasm for revisiting” decisions on sexuality made at Lambeth 1998, Archbishop Williams made clear that reopening the debate on sexuality, specifically Lambeth Resolution 1.10, would be neither proper nor useful. He also reiterated the fact that Lambeth 1.10 represents the mind of the Communion on sexuality, despite “bitter controversy” surrounding the issue.

This letter is consistent with recent comments from Archbishop Williams regarding the crisis within the Communion. In news reports during the last few weeks, he has expressed “deep unease” with the nomination as bishop of two partnered homosexuals in the Diocese of California, called on the Episcopal Church USA (ECUSA) to uphold a moratorium on the consecration of non-celibate homosexuals, and reiterated that the mind of the Communion on matters of sexuality cannot be changed by one Province.

Such statements by Archbishop Williams serve to ratchet up pressure on the Episcopal Church for General Convention 2006. With Lambeth 1.10 virtually deemed non-negotiable by the Archbishop of Canterbury for Lambeth 2008, the Episcopal Church is left with an even more strongly defined choice. The Church must abandon its agenda to revise Scripture and 2,000 years of teaching and practice on human sexuality, and it must affirm foundational tenets of Christian faith as well as uphold Lambeth 1.10. Any other course represents a decision to walk apart.
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