Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Must read for CNY diocese: Matt Kennedy+

Next Month the Deluge

The temperature is rising up here in Central New York, as is the tension. General Convention is fast approaching and things feel very strange. I’ve done all that I can to prepare my people for the inevitable trial and sacrifice that is coming. But people are jumpy, nervous about what June will bring.

My parish has flourished over the last year. We’ve seen a big jump in conversions and membership in just the last two months. We’ve been averaging over 80 on a Sunday, which constitutes about a 50% jump from three years ago in a diocese that has, by way of contrast, declined by 5% in ASA over the same time period. Our soup kitchen is booming. People are using their gifts. The bible studies are multiplying and growing (I teach 4 a week, Anne+ teaches 1 and we’re starting at least three more in the fall. A good 75% of our people participate). All this to say God has given us good times. We’ve been more unified, focused on mission/evangelism, devoted to the scriptures, devoted to worship than ever before.

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