Monday, June 05, 2006

The following essay was written by a man who came out of the gay lifesyle. It is a brilliant description of a world few outside the gay community know about. A very long read, but well worth it. Think and pray about this when the Senate votes on the marriage amendment tomorrow.

The Truth About the Homosexual Rights Movement
By Ronald G. Lee
New Oxford Review
February 2006

There was a "gay" bookstore called Lobo's in Austin, Texas, when I was living there as a grad student. The layout was interesting. Looking inside from the street all you saw were books. It looked like any other bookstore. There was a section devoted to classic "gay" fiction by writers such as Oscar Wilde, Gertrude Stein, and W.H. Auden. There were biographies of prominent "gay" icons, some of whom, like Walt Whitman, would probably have accepted the homosexual label, but many of whom, like Whitman's idol, President Lincoln, had been commandeered for the cause on the basis of evidence no stronger than a bad marriage or an intense same-sex friendship. There were impassioned modern "gay" memoirs, and historical accounts of the origins and development of the "gay rights" movement. It all looked so innocuous and disarmingly bourgeois. But if you went inside to browse, before long you noticed another section, behind the books, a section not visible from the street.

The pornography section.

The rest at Virtueonline


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