Monday, June 05, 2006

'Rhythm Method Killing Embryos' Study is False on Science and Morality
By John-Henry Westen

A study released last week by the British Medical Journal's subsidiary, the Journal of Medical Ethics, seemed more designed for attacking the Catholic Church than for scientific rigour. If that was the goal of L. Bovens' "The rhythm method and embryonic death", then the mainstream media fell for the ploy head-over-heels.

"How Vatican roulette kills embryos," screamed Australia's Sydney Morning Herald; "Rhythm method linked to massive embryonic death," was the headline of India's New Kerala, and Canada's Vancouver Sun styled it "'Rhythm' method a killer of embryos."

Physicians and medical ethicists, however, have responded to the journal noting that the study was "absurd science", "insulting to the general Catholic population", and just plain "wrong".
In his article, which was publicized by a BMJ press release with the title "'Rhythm Method' May Kill Off More Embryos Than Other Methods Of Contraception", Bovens speculates that use of the "rhythm method of contraception" is responsible for two to three embryonic deaths for every pregnancy that results from conception outside the "centre interval" of the fertile period.
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