Saturday, June 10, 2006

"Forgetting" Dromantine
Matt Kennedy+

This is the moment we’ve been waiting for since the release of the Dromantine Communiqué. It was, if you recall, the Communiqué that specified GC2006 as the point of decision, the venue for ECUSA’s collective response to the Windsor Requests:

Within the ambit of the issues discussed in the Windsor Report and in order to recognize the integrity of all parties, we request that the Episcopal Church (USA) and the Anglican Church of Canada voluntarily withdraw their members from the Anglican Consultative Council for t

he period leading up to the next Lambeth Conference. During that same period we request that both churches respond through their relevant constitutional bodies to the questions specifically addressed to them in the Windsor Report as they consider their place within the Anglican Communion. (Dromantine Communique: Paragraph 14)

The only time the Episcopal Church meets as a “constitutional body” during “the period leading up to the next Lambeth Conference” is General Convention 2006. Thus, it is beyond question that the primates along with the Archbishop of Canterbury did not intend to initiate an unending conversation but to schedule a definitive choice.
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