Saturday, June 10, 2006

Oh Canada – Wake Up!
June 10, 2006
by Nathan Tabor

With the recent arrests of 17 alleged terrorists in Toronto, Canada and initial reports that they were planning a number of bomb attacks throughout the metropolitan area, it’s not encouraging that the appeasers and apologists are already out spreading their disinformation, and at least for one Canadian official, his naiveté.

Toronto’ Police Chief, Bill Blair, after meeting with local Muslim “leaders,” assured the press that "It appears that a number of these young men were motivated by an ideology based on politics, hatred and terrorism, and not on faith," discounting reports that all involved have been described as “devout Muslims.”

In an equally inane comment, Royal Canadian Mounted Police Assistant Commissioner Mike McDonell had the tenacity to remark that the 17 "…represent the broad strata of our community.” You mean the Muslim community, Mike? An unattributed RCMP official added assuredly that they were “Muslims, but not Arabs.” Wow, looks like the city dodged a bullet. What would have happened if they were actually Arabs?
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