Wednesday, June 14, 2006

SCECAC: Wednesday Night Live
June 14, 4:04 pm
Matt Kennedy+

I'm kneeling on the third floor carpet outside the Hyatt Regency ballroom. It's 6:04. The lines are already starting to form. There are three lines. One for deputies signing up to speak.

Another for visitors registering to speak. One just to get in. Jim Workman+ just came over and pointed out that Susan Russell+ and Michael Hopkins+ are already in line to speak.

He now tells me that bishops Howe and Lipscomb are in line.

I'm in the one to get in. I missed my chance to get a press pass because the registration for these passes began at 3:00pm. The SCECAC afternoon session began at 2 and ended at 4. There were only 50 press tickets issued. They were long gone by the time I got there. So I'm going in with the "hoi poloi" as Martyn+ likes to say. But I have been assured by the room monitor that there is plenty of in there for a blogger on the floor next to an outlet.

This is really amazing. The hall outside the ballroom is already standing (or kneeling room only).

Raymond Dague is holding my place in line while I write.
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