Saturday, July 08, 2006

The revisionists publish a book:
Other Voices, Other Worlds
The Global Church Speaks Out on Homosexuality
By Terry Brown


"Leading Anglican writers from around the world challenge the assumption that the communion is split between a liberal 'north' and an orthodox 'south'.

Anglican churches worldwide are sharply divided on homosexuality. The dominant sterotype is that of a "global south" unanimously lined up against homosexuality as immoral and sinful, and of a liberal and decadent global north that, except for some 'orthodox traditionalists'. The differences between the two sides are fundamental, and irreconcilable.

Nothing is further from the truth: homosexual behavior exists across the whole Anglican Communion, whether it is openly celebrated or quietly integrated into local churches and cultures. In this extraordinary book, in development for several years, exposes this as a myth. Christians throughout Africa, Asia, and the developing world -- bishops, priests and religious, academics and lay writers -- open up dramatic new perspectives on familiar arguments and debates. Topics include biblical interpretation, sexuality and doctrine, local history, sexuality and personhood, the influence of other faiths, issues of colonialism and post-colonialism, homophobia, and the place of homosexual persons in the church. Other Voices, Other Worlds reveals the rich historical and cross-cultural complexity to same-sex relationships, and throws an explosive device into a debate that has become stale and predictable. "

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