Friday, September 29, 2006

Ruth Gledhill Weblog: Church of England expected to revise Civil Partnership Guidelines

It now looks almost certain that the Church of England's bishops will next year be forced to revise their
pastoral guidelines on civil partnerships. The latest to enter the debate is the Bishop of London, Richard Chartres, who in a private pastoral letter to a number of his concerned parishes has made some extremely frank statements about his views on the matter. In the letter he describes the 1991 Issues document as "incoherent" and "demeaning to the laity". He notes that the bishops' pastoral statement on civil partnerships was drafted at a time when the Government was officially giving assurances that they did not intend to introduce same sex marriage by another name. He says: "Subsequently the situation has changed and Government spokespersons have undermined the official line..." The full text of the letter can be seen on Anglican Mainstream. It is also on Titusonenine with some good comments.

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