Thursday, February 08, 2007

Atlanta Parish Votes to Leave Episcopal Church, Align With CANA

A majority of the members of St. Andrew’s in-the-Pines Church, Peachtree City, Ga., who attended a special meeting have voted to leave The Episcopal Church. Members voted 145 to 67 (or 68 percent) on Sunday, Feb. 4, to separate from The Episcopal Church (TEC) and the Diocese of Atlanta. The church’s vestry also voted to join the Convocation of Anglicans in North America (CANA) – the U.S. missionary branch of the Anglican Church of Nigeria – in order to maintain the parish’s ties to the worldwide Anglican Communion.

St. Andrew’s senior warden David Wardell said the parish, which intends to retain its property, plans to work with the Diocese of Atlanta to achieve an amicable separation.

“Our decision to disaffiliate is a reflection of our commitment to the biblical faith, which is now in direct contrast with the belief and practice of the majority of TEC’s leadership,” Mr. Wardell said. “However, the vestry has a strong willingness to work together with the diocese and Bishop [Neil] Alexander so that this separation can occur with Christian charity, not hard feelings or hostility.”

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