Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Orthodox Episcopalians Present Solution for 'the American Problem'
By Lillian Kwon
Christian Post Reporter
Wed, Feb. 07 2007

In quest for a solution to "the American problem" within the Anglican Communion, a group of Orthodox Episcopalians have proposed a new compact that called for no further delay in resolving the divide.

In the "Interim Compact of Anglican Loyalty," Lay Episcopalians for the Anglican Communion (LEAC) urged for a new orthodox Anglican structure in North America that would operate independently from the worldwide Anglican body until the Communion formally rids the American continent of the Episcopal Church and charters a reliable replacement province for orthodox Anglicans.

The compact was presented over the weekend to each of the 38 primates who are scheduled to meet at the annual Primates meeting on Feb. 14 in Tanzania and also in support of Pittsburgh Bishop Robert W. Duncan, head of the Anglican Communion Network. Duncan was invited to attend the Primates meeting as a representative of orthodox U.S. interests.
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