Monday, September 10, 2007

Christian surfers try to catch a wave of new beach recruits
Breakers attracting bigger congregations at resorts in Devon and Cornwall

Monday September 10, 2007
The Guardian

For just a moment, there is an awkward silence at the prayer meeting as the congregation is invited to shout out words of praise for Jesus. Then from the back, a boy chirps: "Thank you, Lord, for the surf." Welcome to the Jesus Surf Classic, the event of the year for those who are into waves, God, baggy shorts, bleached hair and crucifixes.

Organised by Christian Surfers UK, the competition started off small, attracting only 20 or so hardcore surfers. It is now one of the most popular events in the British surfing calendar. So many people entered this year that it had to be held at two venues - in Croyde, Devon, over the past weekend, and next month in Cornwall.
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