Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Hardline archbishops declare Anglican split

By Tim Butcher in Jordan and Martin Beckford

Hardline Church leaders have formally declared the end of the worldwide Anglican Communion, saying they can no longer be associated with liberals who tolerate homosexual clergy.

The traditionalists dealt a serious blow to Dr Rowan Williams, the Archbishop of Canterbury, by claiming that he can no longer hold the Church together.

They warned that the Church was gripped by its most serious crisis since the Reformation.
It could only be saved by the repentance of the Americans who triggered the row by ordaining a homosexual bishop, the Rt Rev Gene Robinson, five years ago. the rest

Episcopal Church Rift Really over Scripture
CBN: It's one of the country's smaller but more influential denominations. And it's breaking apart. Deep-seated differences over theology have led to the rift in the Episcopal church.

Now, many break-away churches believe their future may lie in the Third World. In the last several years, some 800 churches have left the Episcopal church.


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