Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Bp. Nazir-Ali: Conscience and logic: ‘I can do no other’

23rd July 2008
by Jenny Taylor

The Bishop of Rochester Dr Michael Nazir-Ali, one of just two bishops in the Church of England to boycott the Lambeth Conference entirely, insisted today that he is being true to biblical authority.

Explaining a decision that he admits has been painful for a man who sought refuge in Britain from persecution, and who has been at the heart of the two previous convocations at Canterbury – first as Coordinator in 1988 and then as a Member of the Steering Committee in 1998 - he said it was a matter of ‘conscience and logic’.

He said that ‘persistent false teaching’ and ‘persistent sexual immorality without repentance’ had both led to his decision

‘I have before me a pastoral letter from the bishops of California instructing their clergy on how to take gay weddings in their churches. These people are here. How can I have fellowship with them and still teach my people what the church has always taught?’ the rest


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