Thursday, November 06, 2008

Tony Seel+: This is what the DCNY is promoting these days

Maybe the bishop can go to this and find a fount of knowledge that will explain life's mysteries to him. Given his current state of unknowing as expressed in his comments about the CANA ordination of Dr. Jeffrey Altman to the Syracuse newspaper here, this might be just what he needs. Of course, there is Scripture, but Adams and pecusa have given up on finding answers there. ed.

From dionews [Cental New York]:

Ralph Singh Rakeiten will be the special guest at Wisdom House, Fayetteville, for Vital Conversations on Wednesday, November 5 at 7 pm.

Wisdom House is located at 113 Chapel Street in Fayetteville. It is one of the expressions of the spiritual outreach ministry of Trinity Episcopal Church, Fayetteville.

Vital Conversations at Wisdom House is a program that explores the mysteries of life. It meets on the first Wednesday of the month. Emerging from a shared silence, spiritual leaders and practitioners from different faiths will share the wisdom teachings of their traditions in this very personal and intimate format. More than a lecture followed by questions and answers, these vital conversations will seek a deeper level of inquiry than intellectual or academic presentations.

Our first guest for Vital Conversations is Ralph Singh Rakeiten. Ralph was the founding President of Gobind Sadan, USA, and currently serves as President of Gobind Sadan Community Services, and as Director of Publications and Public Relations for the Gobind Sadan Society for Interfaith Understanding. Ralph has served the translator for His Holiness Baba Virsa Singh in India and as his representative at major conferences, including the Millennium Peace Summit. He has lectured and written on the importance of values and spirituality in modern society, and has represented the teachings of the Sikh Gurus to national and international audiences from the Smithsonian Institution to local interfaith dialogues. DCNY blog


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