Thursday, May 07, 2009

European Fascist Movements are Led by Homosexuals According to Gay Journalist

Says gay men have been at the heart of every major fascist movement that ever was - including the Third Reich
By Matthew Cullinan Hoffman
BRITAIN, May 6, 2009

( - With the rise of an increasingly militant and even violent homosexual movement which has threatened and assaulted Christians for their opposition to their political agenda, homosexual activists in the U.S. and Europe have been increasingly accused of "homofascism.

"Now, a self-described "gay left-wing" journalist in Britain has admitted that the fascist tendency of homosexuals is far more than a conservative rhetorical trope.

Johann Hari, a reporter for the Independent newspaper points out in a recent article for the ultra-leftist Huffington Post that, despite their official condemnation of sodomy, the leadership of European fascist movements is dominated by homosexuals.

"If you inter-railed across Europe, only stopping with gay fascists, there aren't many sights you'd miss," Hari writes with amazing frankness. the rest


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