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Devotional: For there is no other God....

For there is no other God, nor ever was before, nor shall be hereafter, but God the Father, unbegotten and without beginning, in whom all things began, whose are all things, as we have been taught; and his son Jesus Christ, who manifestly always existed with the Father, before the beginning of time in the spirit with the Father, indescribably begotten before all things, and all things visible and invisible were made by him. He was made man, conquered death and was received into Heaven, to the Father who gave him all power over every name in Heaven and on Earth and in Hell, so that every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord and God, in whom we believe. And we look to his imminent coming again, the judge of the living and the dead, who will render to each according to his deeds. And he poured out his Holy Spirit on us in abundance, the gift and pledge of immortality, which makes the believers and the obedient into sons of God and co-heirs of Christ who is revealed, and we worship one God in the Trinity of holy name. ...Confession of St. Patrick image

Anti-Abortion Activists Worry That a New City Law Will Make Their Task Harder

June 5, 2009

The walk from the No. 6 subway station to Dr. Emily’s Women’s Health Center, in the South Bronx, is only a few steps long, past the Congress Pharmacy, the Gabriel jewelry shop and Marina’s Beauty Salon. But to finally get in means passing by the likes of Julie Beyel.

Ms. Beyel, a 32-year-old with wavy brown hair and a purple T-shirt, stood outside the clinic, which offers abortion, birth control and pregnancy tests, one day this week and beamed a smile at an approaching woman. “Miss?” Ms. Beyel said, her smile widening. “I just want you to know that there are alternatives.”

Hour after hour, several days a week, Ms. Beyel tries to engage women who come to New York City abortion clinics with pamphlets and pleas. Much of the time, she gets no response. the rest

Catholic Answers sues IRS, alleging ‘intimidation’ on political issues

El Cajon, Calif.
Jun 6, 2009

(CNA).- The apologetics organization Catholic Answers has filed suit against the Internal Revenue Service claiming the federal tax collection agency has “intimidated” churches and non-profit groups into silence on politically controversial moral issues.

In an announcement posted at the organization’s web site, Catholic Answers president Karl Keating explained that the IRS fined the group for a 2004 e-letter it wrote saying that Democratic presidential candidate Sen. John Kerry should not be allowed to receive Holy Communion.

Keating charged that Francis Kissling, then-leader of the pro-abortion front group “Catholics for a Free Choice,” had instigated the IRS action with a complaint. the rest

Boys to get condom credit card

The Sunday Times
June 7, 2009
Marie Woolf, Whitehall Editor

BOYS as young as 12 are to be issued with condom “credit cards” allowing them to pick up free contraception at football grounds, barber’s shops and scout huts.

Condoms will be distributed at places where boys congregate, to spare them the embarrassment of visiting sexual health clinics or GPs’ surgeries or facing a shop assistant at a chemist’s counter.
They will be able to collect the condoms by showing a plastic card issued to them after they have attended a safe-sex lesson, according to new government guidance. Boys who take advantage of the scheme will not have to give their names or answer questions about their sex lives. the rest

Row as controversial priest joins Episcopal Church

Friday, 5th June 2009
By George Conger

The reception of Fr Alberto Cutié into the Episcopal Church followed a two-year period of reflection by the Miami Roman Catholic priest and TV host, and was not a spur of the moment decision by the priest or the Episcopal Diocese of Southeast Florida, the Rt Rev Leo Frade has stated.

On May 28, Bishop Frade received Fr Cutié into the Episcopal Church, prompting outrage from the Roman Catholic Archbishop of Miami and titillation from the American press, who questioned whether Fr Cutié’s newfound appreciation of Anglicanism was prompted by a moving of the spirit, or the publication of compromising photographs of him in a Spanish-language tabloid.

The reception of Fr Cutié into the Episcopal Church has been given great prominence in the South and Central American media and provoked contradictory comments from Anglican bishops in the region. the rest

Long-Term Unemployment Rate 9.4% Hits Record

by Floyd Norris
June 5, 2009

The unemployment rate rose to 9.4 percent in May, the government says. That is bad enough, but we’ve seen worse.

What is more alarming is the long-term unemployment rate. The government says that 4.5 percent of the work force has been out of work for 15 weeks or more. The worst previously seen — at least since 1948, when the government began counting people that way — was 4.2 percent, in December 1982.

Put another way, 21 percent of those who are unemployed have been out of work for at least 15 weeks. That is also a record, exceeding the 19.6 percent proportion seen during the 1958 recession. the rest

Spanish media reports government considering suppression of religious symbols

Madrid, Spain
Jun 5, 2009

(CNA)-Publico, a newspaper closely allied with Spain's ruling Socialist party, reported this week that the government is studying the idea of suppressing religious symbols in military barracks, hospitals, jails and public schools, as well as during State funerals or inauguration ceremonies for public officials.

The newspaper reported that Minister of Justice Francisco Caamano referenced the proposal in comments about “creating religiously neutral public spaces.” the rest

Maryland Judge Rules For Pro-Life Advocates Shackled, Strip-Searched by Police

by Steven Ertelt Editor
June 4, 2009

Bel Air, MD ( -- A federal judge in Maryland has sided with pro-life advocates who have filed a lawsuit against State Police, Harford County, and the city of Bel Air. The case involves an Alliance Defense Fund lawsuit on behalf of pro-life women who were shackled and strip searched after peacefully protesting abortion in Maryland.

The incident involves a group of pro-life advocates who, in August 2008, were arrested without warning by Hartford County State Troopers during their multi-city protest featuring abortions signs.

At least a dozen police officers arrived in more than seven marked vehicles and then arrested, jailed, shackled, and strip searched them. the rest

Newsweek’s Evan Thomas: Obama Is ‘Sort of God’

By Kyle Drennen
June 5, 2009

Newsweek editor Evan Thomas brought adulation over President Obama’s Cairo speech to a whole new level on Friday, declaring on MSNBC: "I mean in a way Obama’s standing above the country, above – above the world, he’s sort of God."

Thomas, appearing on Hardball with Chris Matthews, was reacting to a preceding monologue in which Matthews praised Obama’s speech: "I think the President's speech yesterday was the reason we Americans elected him. It was grand. It was positive. Hopeful...But what I liked about the President's speech in Cairo was that it showed a complete humility...The question now is whether the President we elected and spoke for us so grandly yesterday can carry out the great vision he gave us and to the world." the rest

image image image

Episcopal bishop appears headed for defeat

June 5, 2009
By Daniel Burke

(RNS) The election of an Episcopal bishop in Michigan who has practiced Buddhist meditation and changed traditional church prayers appears headed for defeat, according to an unofficial tally kept by a newspaper reporter.

The Rev. Kevin Thew Forrester was elected bishop of the sparsely populated Diocese of Northern Michigan in February. Under Episcopal Church rules, a majority of bishops and 111 regional standing committees must vote to ratify his election before it is valid.

On Friday (June 5), the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, which has kept an unofficial running tally of the voting, reported that 56 standing committees—a majority—have voted to withhold their “consents.” the rest

NASA Study Acknowledges Solar Cycle, Not Man, Responsible for Past Warming

Report indicates solar cycle has been impacting Earth since the Industrial Revolution
(h/t Stand Firm)
Michael Andrews
June 4, 2009

Some researchers believe that the solar cycle influences global climate changes. They attribute recent warming trends to cyclic variation. Skeptics, though, argue that there's little hard evidence of a solar hand in recent climate changes.Now, a new research report from a surprising source may help to lay this skepticism to rest.

A study from NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland looking at climate data over the past century has concluded that solar variation has made a significant impact on the Earth's climate. The report concludes that evidence for climate changes based on solar radiation can be traced back as far as the Industrial Revolution. the rest

Father Zakaria Botros interview

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Frontpage Interview’s guest today is Coptic priest Fr. Zakaria Botros, who al Qaeda has called "one of the most wanted infidels in the world," issuing a 60 million dollar bounty on his head. Popular Arabic magazines also call him "Islam's public enemy #1". He hosts a television program, “Truth Talk,” on Life TV. His two sites are and He was recently awarded the Daniel of the Year award.

FP: Fr. Zakaria Botros, welcome to Frontpage Interview.

Botros: Thank you for inviting me.

FP: Let’s begin with your own personal story, in terms of Islam and Christianity.

Botros: I am a Copt. In my early 20s, I became a priest. Of course, in predominantly Muslim Egypt, Christians—priests or otherwise—do not talk about religion with Muslims. My older brother, a passionate Christian learned that lesson too late: after preaching to Muslims, he was eventually ambushed by Muslims who cut out his tongue and murdered him. Far from being deterred or hating Muslims, I eventually felt more compelled to share the Good News with them. Naturally, this created many problems: I was constantly harassed, threatened, and eventually imprisoned and tortured for one year, simply for preaching to Muslims. Egyptian officials charged me with abetting “apostasy,” that is, for being responsible for the conversion of Muslims to Christianity. Another time I was arrested while boarding a plane out of Egypt. Eventually, however, I managed to flee my native country and resided for a time in Australia and England. Anyway, my life-story with Christianity and Islam is very long and complicated. In fact, an entire book about it was recently published. the rest-Excellent!

UK Man Convicted after Trying to Stop Homosexual Sex in Public with Video Camera

Wednesday June 3, 2009
By Hilary White and John Jalsevac
June 3, 2009

( – A UK man who became fed up with homosexuals meeting for sex in the local park, has received a suspended jail sentence for his attempts to shame them into stopping by using his video camera. Colin Anthony Haw, 47, of Mayflower Road, Boston, in Lincolnshire, was called a “vigilante” by the court who said his campaign to stop the activities of the local homosexual community was a threat to a “vulnerable” minority.

Haw, a self-employed mechanic and a father of two children, said that he had reported to police the ongoing activity in a wooded area near his home area, but that his complaints were ignored. He admitted to a public order offense after one man who had been filmed found the footage on the internet and complained to the police.

Haw was convicted by Boston Magistrates’ Court and sentenced to four months in prison, suspended for a year and a half, and was given 200 hours community service. the rest

Friday, June 05, 2009

Devotional: Though winds are wild...

Though winds are wild,
And the gale unleashed,
My trusting heart still sings:
I know that they mean
No harm to me,
He rides upon their wings.
-Streams in the Desert

Keith Olbermann Names Pro-Life Activist Jill Stanek "Worst Person in the World"

Friday June 5, 2009
By Kathleen Gilbert

NEW YORK, June 5, 2009 ( - MSNBC's Keith Olbermann dove into the debate surrounding the George Tiller murder Thursday by singling out pro-life blogger Jilll Stanek as his pick for "Worst Person in the World."

In the context of a post on late-term abortion providers in the U.S., Stanek had recently posted images of Nebraska abortionist LeRoy Cahart’s small abortion facility along with commentary on an Associated Press report describing the building. Cahart has been in the news in recent days for having offered to continue Tiller’s late-term abortion business following his murder.

Olbermann based his invective on the claim that, in addition to pictures, Stanek posted the addresses of Cahart’s abortion mill as well as that of abortionist Warren Hern of Boulder, CO – a claim that Stanek says is completely false to begin with.

The news anchorman last night took aim at Stanek, who, he says, "did not get the point in the assassination of Dr. George Tiller that you can be complicit in a crime even if you never met the man nor his assassin." the rest

Thine Eyes-A witness to the March For Life

Thine Eyes - A witness to the March for Life from thineeyesthemovie on Vimeo.

UK: Primary school children given gay assembly with Elton John song

Primary school children in Broadstairs were given an assembly about homosexuality in which they were played an Elton John song, sparking accusations they had been left "confused".
05 Jun 2009

Children as young as four were among the pupils told about same sex relationships as part of the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia.

During the talk children at Bromstone Primary in Broadstairs, Kent, were played music by Elton John and told he was homosexual.

A string of parents have since complained their children were left "confused" and "worried" by the assembly. the rest

Labour's apocalypse will expose the lazy mediocrity of the Churches

By Damian Thompson
Jun 5, 2009

The glorious unravelling of this Labour government will pose terrible problems for a generation of Church leaders who completely failed to understand what was fundamentally wrong with the New Labour project.

Archbishop Rowan Williams, Archbishop John Sentamu, Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O'Connor and nearly every other English bishop, Anglican and Catholic, to say nothing of the Free Churches - all of them protested about aspects of Government policy but essentially supported Labour's corrosive social engineering. the rest

The Rock Churches of Lalibela

by Ian Brow
Monday, 1st June 2009

Nestled amongst the highlands of Northern Ethiopia, the town of Lalibela is a destination for Orthodox Christian pilgrims drawn to its famed monolithic Churches.

Dated to the 12th and 13th centuries, but still actively used for worship, the Churches are each carved from a single piece of rock - either down into the ground, or into a hillside. The most well-known of the Churches is Bete Giyorgis1, or the Church of St. George, with its distinctive cross shape approximately 25m square, surrounded by deep trench walls. the rest image

Eve of an Encyclical. And from Germany, Marx Reappears

A few weeks before the publication of "Caritas in Veritate," the German Catholic jurist Ernst-Wolfgang Böckenförde, highly esteemed by the pope, calls for the Church to write the definitive "manifesto" against capitalism. Which must be overturned at its foundations, because it is inhuman
by Sandro Magister

ROME, June 5, 2009 – The socioeconomic encyclical that has been in development for some time is known to begin with the Latin words "Caritas in veritate." It is expected to be signed by the pope on June 29, and released at the beginning of summer. It underwent various revisions, all of which left Benedict XVI dissatisfied until the last one.

Unlike the encyclical on hope, written by the pope himself from the first line to the last, and unlike the encyclical on charity, the first half of which was also written entirely by the pope, many minds and many hands have worked on "Caritas in Veritate." But in any case, Benedict XVI will leave his mark on it, already visible in the words of the title, which indissolubly link charity and truth.

There is a great deal of curiosity about what kind of mark this will be. Because little is known about Joseph Ratzinger's thought in matters of economics. Out of his vast body of writings, there is only one dedicated expressly to this topic. It is a conference given in English in 1985, entitled "Market economy and ethics." the rest

CANADA: New Westminster - New Gospel; the ANiC trial

Commentary by Charles Raven
June 5, 2009

Court cases between orthodox parishes and revisionist dioceses have, sadly, become something of a commonplace in North America, but the current court battle in the Supreme Court of British Columbia between four Anglican Network in Canada parishes, including St John's Shaughnessy, and the Anglican Church of Canada's Diocese of New Westminster led by Bishop Michael Ingham is proving to be very revealing.

This is the first time a Canadian court has been asked to rule on the question of overall control of Anglican church property. The trial itself began on 25th May and has some time to go, with judgement not expected until late summer, but whether they win or lose, the Anglican Network in Canada (ANiC) has already done orthodox Anglicans - if they take notice - a great service by this bold decision to take a legal stand.

The ANiC parishes' case is essentially very simple; that the Diocese of New Westminster under Bishop Michael Ingham no longer holds to the central doctrines of the Christian faith; it has reinvented the gospel and the presenting issue, the blessing of same sex unions, is simply a symptom of this deeper malaise. In evidence at the trial on day three, a member of one of the ANiC congregations spoke of her shock as far back as 1994 when Bishop Michael Ingham denied the uniqueness of Jesus as the only saviour and in 1997 he subsequently enlarged on this theme in his book 'Mansions of the Spirit'. As members of the ANiC, they are aligned with the orthodox majority in the Anglican Communion through the GAFCON movement and see that they have a duty to ensure that historic assets are protected and held in trust for orthodox Anglican ministry. In essence, their argument turns on a confessional understanding of the church - that a valid Anglican Church is one which is faithful to historic and orthodox Anglican doctrine and practice.
the rest at Virtueonline

Here Come the Churches

By Mark Tooley

Is acceptance of same-sex unions in the liberal dominated, Mainline Protestant churches inevitable? Not necessarily....

...Opponents of traditional morality have been active for nearly 40 years in all the Mainline churches, which, coincidentally, have all suffered continuous membership decline over the last four decades. Perhaps most famously, the 2 million member Episcopal Church partly caved to the sexual revolution, with its 2003 election of openly homosexual Bishop Gene Robinson.

Several formerly Episcopal dioceses have quit the denomination, along with over 200 congregations. Together they are forming a new Anglican Church in North America (ACNA), with over 100,000 members and 700 parishes, whose founding provincial assembly will convene late this month outside Fort Worth, Texas. Former Episcopal Bishop of Pittsburgh Robert Duncan is expected to become its first Archbishop. ACNA will be recognized by numerous Global South Anglican primates, if not by the Archbishop of Canterbury himself.

The old Episcopal Church will itself convene in July with its triennial General Convention in Anaheim, California. Somewhat surprisingly, even after Bishop Robinson's election, the denomination has not formally ratified rites for same-sex unions. Reluctance to further offend the nearly 80 million member global Anglican Communion, most of which is now rooted among conservative Africans, is one factor. The 2006 General Convention, hoping to mollify the Communion, had even called for not electing new bishops "whose manner of life presents a challenge to the wider church and will lead to further strains on communion."

Of course, some liberal Episcopal dioceses have unilaterally touted same-sex rites. But formal ratification by the General Convention, speaking for the whole denomination, would more directly provoke the Anglican Communion and still numerous conservative dioceses, local churches and individuals who remain in the Episcopal Church. The church's House of Bishops, pledged in 2007 "as a body not to authorize public rites for the blessing of same-sex unions." This pledge has not precluded some individual bishops from blessing same sex unions. Likely the General Convention will fall short of openly ratifying same sex rites, while permitting local dioceses to continue as they please.

Full story

Church property ruling expected soon

Church property ruling expected soon
The Fresno Bee
Friday, Jun. 05, 2009

Valley Anglicans who left the Episcopal Church to reject homosexual clergy are waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Will they lose the churches where they worship as a result of their split with the national church and Episcopal Diocese of San Joaquin? The answer could come any day over the next two months.

The stakes are high after more than 40 churches from Lodi to Bakersfield and from the coast to the Nevada border left the Fresno-based diocese. They joined the Anglicans because of differences with the national Episcopal body over same-sex blessings, the ordination of a gay bishop and the authority of Scripture. the rest

Fight Erupts Over Backroom Dealing and “Mind Game” in New York Same-Sex “Marriage” Bill

Fight Erupts Over Backroom Dealing and “Mind Game” in New York Same-Sex “Marriage” Bill
By Peter J. Smith
ALBANY, New York
June 4, 2009

( – With less than three weeks to go before the end of New York’s legislative session, a fight is brewing over what one senator has called a “mind game” being played over the same-sex “marriage” bill by its chief proponent. Backroom deals over the contentious bill, however, have still not gained a solid majority in the state Senate to pass the measure.

The political maneuverings of the bill’s chief sponsor, homosexual state senator Tom Duane (D-Manhattan), has angered the Senate’s foremost opponent of same-sex “marriage,” Ruben Diaz Sr. (D-Bronx), who yesterday stated he found Duane’s attempts to manipulate his fellow senators into forming a majority on the issue a “disgrace.”

Duane has stated publicly that he has the majority of the Senate’s 62 votes to pass, a claim made highly dubious by Democratic majority leader Malcolm Smith’s continued reluctance to bring the bill to a vote. the rest

Health Care Reform: Turning Physicians Into Drone Bureaucrats?

June 4, 2009
Wesley J. Smith

The New England Journal of Medicine, in addition to publishing important scientific and medical reports, is highly political. It supports assisted suicide, for example, and even respectfully published the Groningen Protocol–the Dutch check list to determine which babies can be murdered for eugenic reasons based on terminal or disabling conditions.

Not surprisingly, the NEJM has published articles weighing in on the great health care reform debate, such as this one by Michael E. Porter, a Harvard Business School professor. Porter says the answer to the current mess is the establishment of a ”value based system.”
From the article:

What we need now is a clear national strategy that sets forth a comprehensive vision for the kind of health care system we want to achieve and a path for getting there. The central focus must be on increasing value for patients — the health outcomes achieved per dollar spent…True reform will require both moving toward universal insurance coverage and restructuring the care delivery system. These two components are profoundly interrelated, and both are essential.Achieving universal coverage is crucial not only for fairness but also to enable a high-value delivery system. the rest

Starvation by Court Order

Schiavo documentary claims that it was murder.
Review by Annie Young Frisbie

In 2005, as a sharply divided nation looked on, Terri Schindler Schiavo's feeding tube was removed as the result of a court order. Thirteen days later, she died of starvation. Her mother, Mary Schindler, was prohibited from offering Terri ice chips or a moistened sponge to alleviate the pain as her mouth and tongue cracked and bled. Mary was even barred from the simple mercy of wiping her suffering daughter's brow.

As Schiavo's sister, Suzanne Vitadamo, claims in The Terri Schiavo Story—recently released on dvd—Terri's death was not the peaceful, tranquil, even beautiful event depicted in much of the media. It was murder.

This documentary, hosted by Joni Eareckson Tada, counters the prevailing media interpretation of the events that led to Schiavo's death. It highlights facts that were either ignored or not widely reported, such as husband Michael Schiavo's motivations. It also challenges the popular view that Schiavo wanted to die. the rest

Does Twitter Do Us Any Good?

How the movement of the Trinity can help us decide.
Mark Galli

The culture continues to be atwitter about Twitter and other electron-based social media. It's easy to find both scathing critiques and passionate defenses of the Internet. But as we approach what many churches celebrate as Trinity Sunday this weekend, there is another angle to ponder.

When we think of the Trinity we tend to think of doctrine—that Jesus' relation to the father is homoousios (Greek: of the same essence) and not homoiousios (Greek: of similar essence); that, as the Nicene Creed puts it, Jesus is "God from God, light from light, true God from true God … ."—and so forth.

But the heart of the Trinity is not fine theological distinctions but a relation of love, a fellowship of the Father, Son, and Spirit, a super-community that is so unified in love that it counts as one being.

The nature of this love overflows—love begets love and even more beings to love. And for some reason, God—who is spirit—nonetheless wishes to make this love a tangible reality in the things he creates. the rest

Students Rebel at Graduation Against the ACLU's Bullying Tactics

June 4, 2009

Santa Rosa County, FL - Nearly 400 graduating seniors at Pace High School stood up in protest against the ACLU and recited the Lord’s Prayer during their graduation ceremony on Saturday. Many of the students also painted crosses on their graduation caps to make a statement of faith. This event follows a lawsuit the ACLU filed against the Santa Rosa County School District, claiming some of the teachers and administration endorsed religion. Liberty Counsel represents Pace High School Principal Frank Lay and school teacher Michelle Winkler.The graduation prayer protest by the students was preceded by a lawsuit filed six months ago by the ACLU.

The school district entered into a consent decree, which essentially bans all Santa Rosa County School District employees from engaging in prayer or religious activities. The ACLU alleges that during a dinner event held at Pace High School, Principal Lay asked the athletic director to bless the meal. In another incident, the ACLU alleges that Michelle Winkler’s husband, who is not a school board employee, offered prayer at an awards ceremony. Leading up to the graduation ceremony, the ACLU demanded the school to censor students from offering prayers or saying anything religious. The ACLU then charged Principal Lay and Ms. Winkler with contempt of court. the rest

Mortgage crisis robbing seniors of golden years

By Stephanie Armour

Howard Weiss is 77 and scared.

This year, the semiretired distributor from Phoenix ran into financial problems and stopped making his mortgage payments. He was told his home was scheduled for a foreclosure auction in May.

So Weiss scraped together more than $2,000 to stave off the foreclosure. He's still trying to figure out if he can get a mortgage modification so he can afford his home.

"This is the biggest mess I've had in my life," Weiss says. "I could break down and cry. I was about to lose everything. I've been through (the Korean War), through a lot of crises. Now I've turned everything over to the Lord. ... I'm so stressed this is going to kill me." the rest

Commentary: Let’s Get our Facts Straight about Tiller and Anti-Abortion Violence

by Brian Clowes, PhD - Human Life International, Research Manager
June 3, 2009

1) George Tiller is the first abortionist to be killed in eleven years. If you think that's a "trend,” or an “epidemic” as some have said, you're just not a serious person.

2) All of the posturing going on in the pro-abortion movement over the safety of abortionists is a ruse. There are four times as many hairdressers and 150 times as many convenience store clerks murdered as there are abortionists. Where is the “pro-choice” grieving over them?

3) George Tiller made his money performing late-term abortions, which often involves the killing of a viable human being. According to Kansas state statistics, he killed 395 viable third-trimester babies in one year – 2001 – all for “mental health” reasons (which, as we know, is the category for all elective abortions). Not one of those abortions was for a mother’s physical health or for a medical emergency. Americans overwhelmingly believe this disgusting practice should not be legal. If any objective journalist were to look into his practice they would see that most people, and all sane people, are appalled by what happened in his clinic every day.

4) Tiller has been tried on criminal indictments for multiple abuses of his practice, including breaking state laws requiring another medical doctor to verify that certain patients' lives were at risk before performing late-term abortions. This man was no hero or saint, and his being held up as a martyr says more about pro-abortionists than it does about those they are trying to condemn.

5) Abortionists are not only widely considered an embarrassment to the medical profession, but they are much more likely to commit violence than to suffer violence. You may be surprised to learn that more than a dozen abortionists have been convicted of murder and manslaughter ― of their wives, of their patients, and even of other abortionists. Yet you never hear about these killings in the press (see for documentation). Abortionists are more likely to kill than to be killed.

6) Whenever an abortionist mutilates, kills or molests a woman, the “pro-choice” movement always rushes to his defense, as they did for Brian Finkel, the Arizona abortionist who was sent to prison for 35 years for 22 counts of sexual abuse. So much for caring for women!

7) The pro-life movement is the most peaceful social movement in the history of this country. Most other social movements, including the unionization movement, the pro-abortion movement, the homosexualist movement, the animal rights movement, and the environmental movement have all demonstrated much greater violence. So where is the outcry over the violence committed by these movements? the rest-don't miss this!

Added: The Religious Right Didn't Kill George Tiller

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Fund Loss Delays Some English Ordinations

June 4, 2009

The organization which manages the Church of England’s financial assets announced recently that its portfolio had declined by more than 20 percent, or $2.1 billion, during the recent economic downturn.

As a result of the loss, the church cannot guarantee employment for all of this year’s graduates from theological colleges. In the Church of England, graduates cannot be ordained until they have secured placement as a curate.

One theological college principal, who was interviewed by the Daily Mail, called the jobs crisis a “tragedy and a travesty,” and suggested that he and his colleagues would complain to the House of Bishops about the decision to cut funding for curates.

“The Church of England agrees these individuals are called to the priesthood,” said the Rev. Richard Turnbull of Oxford’s Wycliffe Hall. “It agrees that they have been fully and successfully trained. It says they are ready for ordination as priests. Then it just walks away.”

Fr. Turnbull said the church already had spent the equivalent of nearly $50,000 training each student. He said at least 11 graduates still had not found employment, and several others have accepted secular employment. Nearly all the unplaced students had trained at three evangelical colleges, according to Fr. Turnbull. He suggested that they had been denied employment because many English bishops do not approve of conservative theology. the rest

Day 7 – ANiC Parishes v Diocese of New Westminster – June 3 09

June 4th, 2009

Ms Ludmila Herbst, Associate Counsel for the bishop and diocese, called three witnesses today.

Rev Kevin Dixon was the first witness. He came to St Mary’s in 1997, and was an associate priest at St Mary’s from 1997-1999 when he became rector.

Born and raised in the Huron diocese, he attended his first diocesan synod as a youth delegate in the 1970s. He was theologically trained in the diocese of Huron and has a long history of Huron diocese clergy in his family.

There was discussion at the diocesan synod in 1979, just after the 1979 House of Bishops (HOB) statement came out. In response, he attended two dialogue processes in the diocese using resources developed by the national church. He said there had been a number of resolutions in the Huron Synod over the years, including a motion to endorse the ordination of celibate homosexuals. the rest

Pro-Life Leader Responds to National Post Article Blaming Pro-Life Movement for Tiller Murder

Thursday June 4, 2009
By Stephanie Gray,
Executive Director, Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform
June 4, 2009

( – Editor’s Note: On June 2, Colby Cosh of the National Post published this article, in which Cosh blamed the pro-life movement for the murder of Kansas late-term abortionist George tiller. What follows is the response of the Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform, the Canadian affiliate of the organization that was specifically named by Mr. Cosh in his piece, "Who’s to blame for George Tiller’s Murder."

Colby Cosh is completely wrong when he says, "If you believe that abortion is tantamount to murder... then you should be willing to stand up and celebrate the murder of Dr. George Tiller."

Perhaps those who support violence (through abortion) in the face of difficult life circumstances don't comprehend when other people don't resort to violence in the face of difficult life circumstances (a society where abortion is legal). But nonetheless, that's our point. Take a message from the pro-life textbook, Mr. Cosh: killing people isn't the way to deal with problems. It’s the reason why we are more than just "anti-abortion." the rest

Catholic Prof and Evangelical Leader Blame Catholic Church, Republicans, “Religious Leaders” for Tiller's Murder
Frank Schaeffer-son of the late, prominent evangelist Francis Schaeffer
and Daniel Maguire (Marquette University theology professor and former Jesuit priest )

Abortion Activists Forget George Tiller Killed, Injured Women in Botched Abortions

San Diego withdraws Bible study warning

'The weekly activity is within the scope of the residential use'
June 04, 2009
By Bob Unruh
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San Diego County has withdrawn a warning letter and cease and desist order it had issued against a pastor against a weekly Bible study held in his home, and the chief administrative officer for the governmental body has added his own personal apology to the pastor over the accusations.

"I want to offer my apology to you, your wife and your congregation for the unfortunate events of the past several weeks," said the letter from Walter F. Ekard, chief officer of the county. "My review of the situation shows that no administrative citation warning should have been issued and that a major use permit is not required for the Bible study you have in your home." the rest

June 1979—The Nine Days of John Paul II

June 4th, 2009
by George Weigel

Thirty years ago this week, the Bishop of Rome returned to Poland for the first time since his recent election to the papacy. America’s premier Cold War historian, John Lewis Gaddis of Yale, is not ambiguous in his judgment of what happened next: “When John Paul II kissed the ground at the Warsaw airport on June 2, 1979, he began the process by which communism in Poland—and ultimately everywhere—would come to an end.” Professor Gaddis is right: the Nine Days of John Paul II, June 2-10, 1979, were an epic moment on which the history of the 20th century pivoted, and in a more humane direction.

What did John Paul talk about during the Nine Days? He didn’t talk about politics; indeed, beyond the ritual exchanges of formalities with government officials at the arrival ceremony in Warsaw on June 2 and the departure ceremony from Cracow on June 10, the Pope acted as if the Polish communist regime did not exist. Rather, he spoke over, around, and beyond the regime directly to the people of Poland, not about what the world usually understands as power, but about people power—the power of culture and spiritual identity. “You are not who ‘they’ say you are,” the Pope proposed, in a number of variations on the same theme; “let me remind you who you really are.” the rest

De-Baptism: Living in Denial

By Chuck Colson

There’s a bizarre trend going on in Great Britain. Former church members are getting “de-baptized.” As Time magazine reports, “More than 100,000 former Christians have downloaded ‘certificates of de-baptism’ in a bid to publicly renounce the faith.”

Now, there have always been people who have walked away from their faith. But what’s behind this public display? And why are so many downloading an apostasy certificate?

Terry Sanderson, president of the National Secular Society, has some theories about why his group’s idea has found unexpected popularity. He told Time that “churches have become so reactionary, so politically active that people actually want to make a protest against them now... They’re not just indifferent anymore. They’re actively hostile.”

Well, maybe. But the Church has always been active in public life, standing against wrongdoing in the culture. And there have always been people who resented that.

Sanderson also states that the “de-baptism” rite is meant to “mock the practice of baptizing infants too young to consent.” But again, infant baptism has long been a subject of debate within the Church. There’s nothing new about that either. the rest

'Everyone just agreed to walk away' from Grace Church dispute

June 3, 2009

Litigation over the Grace Church property downtown seemed destined to drag on for years.
But all that changed Tuesday.

In a marathon mediation session, the Episcopal Diocese of Colorado agreed to drop its lawsuit against 18 Anglican parish members being sued for damages. Also several motions, including an appeal of the March 24 court decision upholding the diocese's ownership of the Tejon Street church property, were quashed.

"Everyone just agreed to walk away," said Bruce Wright, who represented 17 of the 18 Anglican parish members being sued by the diocese. "It is all over." the rest

Mapping the “climate of hate”

By Michelle Malkin
June 3, 2009

My column today contrasts the White House and media responses to the Tiller murder with their silence on the deadly military recruiter attack. In the latest developments on the recruiter case, more targets were reportedly found on Abdulhakim Mujahid Muhammad’s computer.

Yesterday, investigators said he told them “he would have killed more soldiers had they been in the parking lot.”

Don’t miss the heart-wrenching interview with the father of murdered Pvt. William Long here.
Still no comment from President Obama…

The rest-Climate of hate, world of double standards

Jihad Returns to America

Harvard to create professorship of gay studies

Jun 04, 2009

Boston Ivy League university Harvard is to endow a professorship of gay, lesbian and transgender studies, the organisers have said.

The Harvard Gay and Lesbian Caucus announced that the USD 1.5 million chair, funded by members and supporters of the group, will "enable Harvard to regularly invite eminent scholars studying issues related to sexual minorities." the rest

Obama invokes Quran in key points of Cairo speech

posted June 4, 2009

CAIRO (AP) — President Barack Obama's speech reaching out for a fresh start with the Islamic world was laced with references to the Quran and his Muslim roots.

Obama quoted the Holy Quran as commanding, "Be conscious of God and speak always the truth." He said he shared that conviction, as "rooted in my own experience." The president noted that while he now is a Christian, his father had come from a Kenyan family that "includes generations of Muslims." the rest

Text of President Barack Obama's speech to the Muslim world

Hugh Hewitt: The world is the worse for this speech...

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Devotional: Oh! Ye people that today hear the words of Jesus!

Oh! Ye people that today hear the words of Jesus! Ye are now this day invited to come to the mountain of his church on which stands his cross and his throne. Ye weary, heavy laden, sin-destroyed, sin-ruined soul; ye that know and feel your need of Jesus; ye that weep because of sin; ye are bidden to come now to Christ's cross, to look to him who shed his blood for the ungodly, and looking to him, you shall find peace and rest; so that when he cometh with rainbow wreath and robes of storm, you shall be able to see him not with alarm and terror, but with joy and gladness. for you shall say. "Here he is, the man who died for me has come to claim me, he who bought me has come to receive me; my judge is my Redeemer, and I will rejoice in him." Oh! turn ye...turn ye unto God!...O Lord Jesus! By thy grace turn every one of us to thyself! ...CH Spurgeon image

Ethicists warn against money for human egg donations

New York City, N.Y.
Jun 3, 2009

(CNA).- The state of New York is considering several proposals which would pay women who donate their eggs for research purposes, leading some Catholic ethicists to worry the move would induce poorer women to risk their health and become involved in unethical human embryo research.

New York state funds may be awarded to researchers who pay women to harvest their egg cells for research purposes if a recommendation of the ethics committee of the Empire State Stem Cell board is accepted.

Writing in National Review Online, Fr. Thomas Berg reported that the May 12 vote to recommend the practice passed “overwhelmingly.” He said the state is also considering using state funds to “reimburse” women directly for their egg donations, possibly paying several thousand dollars per donor.

If such proposals are approved, New York would become the first U.S. state to allow such payments. the rest

Arab Christians are disappearing from the land where their faith was born

By Don Belt
National Geographic
June 2009

Easter in Jerusalem is not for the faint of heart. The Old City, livid and chaotic in the calmest of times, seems to come completely unhinged in the days leading up to the holiday. By the tens of thousands, Christians from all over the world pour in like a conquering horde, surging down the Via Dolorosa's narrow streets and ancient alleyways, seeking communion in the cold stones or some glimmer, perhaps, of the agonies Jesus endured in his final hours. Every face on Earth seems to float through the streets during Easter, every possible combination of eye and hair and skin color, every costume and style of dress, from blue-black African Christians in eye-popping dashikis to pale Finnish Christians dressed as Jesus with a bloody crown of thorns to American Christians in sneakers and "I [heart] Israel" caps, clearly stoked for the battle of Armageddon. the rest

Anglican bishop: Manner of Fr. Cutié’s conversion will harm Catholic-Episcopal relations

Lima, Peru, Jun 3, 2009

(CNA).- The Anglican Bishop of Peru has said the “very lamentable” manner of Fr. Alberto Cutié’s entry of the Episcopal Church following a sex scandal will cause “deep problems” between the two communions.

He remarked it was “too early” to have the former Catholic priest and media personality preach at Episcopal Sunday services like he did on Sunday.

The Anglican website reports that Anglican Bishop of Peru Bill Godfrey spoke about Fr. Cutié in an interview with Peru’s RPP-TV.

The issue of Cutié's conversion affects Bishop Godfrey since the Episcopal Church is part of the Worldwide Anglican Communion. the rest

St. George’s Responds to Settlement with the Diocese of Colorado

June 3, 2009

MEDIA CONTACT: Kelly Oliver (703) 683-5004, ext. 140

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO – St. George’s Anglican Church issued the following statement in response to the settlement agreement reached with the Diocese of Colorado:

“We are pleased with the settlement, particularly since it relieved our staff and vestry members of the burden and expense of defending against $5 million in unjustified claims brought against them personally by the Diocese of Colorado and The Episcopal Church.

“The settlement reached also means that all the costs associated with maintaining the property of Grace Church and St. Stephens, including payment of the $2,500,000 mortgage, belong to the Episcopal congregation and the Diocese of Colorado.

“Our only remaining obligation is to pay final operational expenses we had incurred during our possession of the property, but were unauthorized to pay until this settled agreement was reached.

“We look forward to fulfilling God’s call to us for mission and ministry.” here

Dispute Over Colo. Springs Church Property Settled

Churches Fight Back Against Shrinking Membership

Stung by a 25 percent drop in membership churches are launching recruiting campaigns
By Dan Gilgoff
June 3, 2009

"What if church wasn't just a building, but thousands of doors?" asks a new website launched by the United Methodist Church. "Each of them opening up to a different concept or experience of church. . . . Would you come?" After watching its membership drop nearly 25 percent in recent decades, the United Methodist Church, which is still the nation's largest mainline Protestant denomination, thinks it knows the answer. So it's pouring $20 million into a new marketing campaign, including the website, television advertisements, even street teams in some cities, to rebrand the church from stale destination to "24-7 experience."

"The under-35 generation thinks church is a judgmental, hypocritical, insular place," says Jamie Dunham, chief planning officer for Bohan Advertising & Marketing, the firm that designed the United Methodist campaign. "So our question is: What if church can change the world with a journey?"

With their pews having thinned dramatically, other mainline Protestant denominations are posing similar questions in like-minded campaigns. The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, a major mainline denomination, has TV ads spotlighting the church's charitable work and encouraging Lutherans to take pride in and to share their faith with friends. And the Episcopal Church recently launched a website called "I am Episcopalian," where half a million church members have uploaded videos explaining their faith. the rest

Day 6 Trial of ANiC Parishes v Diocese of New Westminster

June 2, 2009

Bishop Michael Ingham continued his direct evidence in the morning with the assistance of his counsel, George Macintosh, QC.

Approaching 2002 diocesan synod, he said “I thought I needed to take some leadership… I wanted to consult with clergy I knew to be disaffected. I put forward a number of proposals to them. I wanted to gain their reaction and seek their input.” The proposals dated May 23 contained provision for both the Episcopal Visitor and a Conscience Clause. “I was aware that my relationship as chief pastor would be affected… I wanted to assure them they would not be compelled and so proposed a conscience clause.” He said there would be no discrimination on their views and that it was “not to become a litmus test for people as to whether they would or would not receive jobs”. However, “there were members of that gathering that wanted a bishop with jurisdiction”, saying that would contravene the ancient tradition, historic episcopate and the canons of the church. “I was hoping for a compromise…” In his view, they were seeking an arrangement that “would have the effect of balkanizing the diocese”.

Although he received a Legal Opinion just before the Synod saying a diocesan bishop did not have jurisdiction to authorize same-sex blessings, he “said to them this was a little late” and he relied on the Legal & Canonical Report and the General Synod Task Force Report on jurisdiction in determining he had jurisdiction to proceed with same-sex blessings. “I shared it with Chancellor Cadman and neither of us found it persuasive enough.” the rest

Ontario Anglican Diocese Celebrates Homosexual Lifestyle with Special Liturgy

Tuesday June 2, 2009
By Tim Waggoner
June 2, 2009

( – The homosexualist agenda, having already caused mass division in the worldwide Anglican Communion, has now worked its way into the Anglican diocese of Huron, Ontario in the form of special liturgies celebrating homosexuality and the homosexual lifestyle.

The May 25th edition of the Anglican Journal describes how Bishop Robert Bennet of the Huron diocese in Southern Ontario, commissioned a doctrine and worship committee to “synthesize and make available the most recent and relevant material to aid in this discernment.” The committee was then charged to “develop appropriate protocols, guidelines and evaluative tools to enable us to move forward with appropriate liturgies to celebrate the love, mutual fidelity and support that gay and lesbian Anglicans model every day for the church and wider community.”

Bishop Bennet said that the new services will not involve “nuptial blessing” but will be “eucharistic in nature with approved intercessory prayers.” the rest

The first rose

A few days ago, Raymond took this picture of the first rose to bloom in our garden. All the roses are unusually lush this year both in foliage and blossom. -PD

Obama ‘Comfortable’ with Adviser Who Made Repeated Anti-Catholic Statements, Says White House

Wednesday, June 03, 2009
By Fred Lucas, Staff Writer

White House ( - White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs told Tuesday that President Barack Obama is comfortable with the membership of his faith-based advisory council, despite calls from conservative Catholics to remove a member who has repeatedly made offensive statements about Pope Benedict XVI and the Catholic Church.

Gibbs’ response comes nearly a month after House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-Ohio) and Rep. Thad McCotter (R-Mich.) signed a letter, along with 20 other prominent conservative Catholics, asking Obama to remove Harry Knox, director of the faith and religion program at the homosexual activist group Human Rights Campaign, from the President’s Advisory Council on Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships. (L. Brent Bozell III, president of the Media Research Center, the parent organization of, also signed the letter.) the rest

Obama: 'US one of the largest Muslim Countries in the World'

Defending Life Requires Law

Jun 3, 2009
R.R. Reno

My heart sank when I read the headline: "Abortion Provider Is Shot Dead." It sank still further as I read the story. Dr. George Tiller of Wichita, Kansas was one of the few doctors willing to perform late-term abortion, even some, the newspaper reported, in the ninth month. Kansas records show that Tiller aborted-killed hundreds of fetuses old enough to live outside the womb. Regardless of one's views on the beginning of life, the thought of all those fully formed infant bodies cut and crushed is surely heartbreaking. Now we must add the image of a man rushing into a church on a Sunday morning and gunning Tiller down. Sigh.

Tiller's murder was immediately and widely denounced by the various leaders of the pro-life movement. Speaking on behalf of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, Cardinal Justin Rigali of Philadelphia went a bit overboard. "Our bishops' conference and all its members have repeatedly and publicly denounced all forms of violence in our society," he wrote, "including abortion as well as the misguided resort to violence by anyone opposed to abortion." The blanket condemnation of "violence" seems unhelpfully expansive. But you get what he means. What the killer did was wrong. Very wrong.

But why? On this point we need to be reminded, because the reasons are not as simple as they seem. the rest

Late Term Abortions Provided More Widely Than Media Reporting

Women at US Catholic schools more likely to abort, survey shows

Christian Clergy Rally on Opposite Sides of Gay Marriage Debate

By Lillian Kwon
Christian Post Reporter
Wed, Jun. 03 2009

Less than a week after a group of clergy and Christians asked for a referendum to keep same-sex marriages from being recognized in the nation's capital, another coalition of clergy has declared support for "marriage equality."

"We declare that our faith calls us to affirm marriage equality for loving, same-sex couples," said the Rev. Dennis Wiley, pastor of Covenant Baptist Church, at a gathering on Tuesday, according to The Washington Post.

Wiley is among more than 100 clergy from various faiths who launched a declaration, affirming same-sex marriage as "holy and good." the rest

Albert Mohler: A Major Force in Education -- Homeschooling in America

June 3, 2009

Homeschooling was the choice of families for 2.9 percent of all school-age children in the United States in 2007, involving 1.5 million students. By comparison, in 1999 only 850,000 children were homeschooled. By 2003, that number was up to 1.1 million. This report indicates significant jumps in homeschooling as compared to other educational options. In fact, the report reveals that the actual number of American children whose parents choose homeschooling for at least part of their education exceeds 3 million. According to the report, 1.5 million children are exclusively homeschooled while another 1.5 million are homeschooled for at least part of the school week.

At this point, the picture grows even more interesting. When parents were asked why they chose to homeschool their children, 36 percent cited a desire to provide children specifically religious or moral instruction. After that, 21 percent of parents pointed to concerns about the environment of schools, 17 percent cited dissatisfaction with educational quality in the schools, and 14 percent cited "other reasons." Among those "other reasons" was a concern for more family time together.

Higher numbers of parents with college educations and greater family incomes are now homeschooling. This trend points to the fact that homeschooling is increasingly the option of first choice for many parents. This pattern is also revealed in increasing numbers of college students, primarily young women, who indicate that they desire a college education so that they will be better equipped in years ahead to be homeschooling parents. the rest

Chicago Consultation Calls on House of Bishops Theology Committee to Release Names

CHICAGO, June 2, 2009

Ruth Meyers, professor of liturgics at Seabury-Western Theological Seminary and General Convention deputy from the Diocese of Chicago, released this statement today in her role as co-convener of the Chicago Consultation:

The report of the Theology Committee of the House of Bishops, included on page 51 of the Blue Book for the 76th General Convention, states that the committee has been asked by the House of Bishops to undertake a theological study of same-sex relationships in the life of the church. According to the report, the Theology Committee has appointed “a diverse and balanced panel of theologians” that has already begun its work.

The church’s history of homophobia is largely based on cultural prejudice that has resulted in inaccurate and incomplete interpretations of biblical texts. Therefore, the Chicago Consultation commends the House of Bishops on its desire to continue the decade-and-a-half long study of human sexuality in the life of the church, especially in light of four recent official Episcopal Church studies—released in 1994, 1997, 2000 and 2003. Three of these previous studies have, in fact, involved the House of Bishops Theology Committee[1].

Continued scholarly work, done with particular attention to the work of the Holy Spirit in committed, life-long, monogamous unions of faithful gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender Episcopalians, can liberate the church to discern more fully the work of the Spirit in all life-long unions of fidelity and mutual love. So that further study can be enriched by common prayer, we call upon General Convention to enrich this new theological work by establishing a common rite for the blessing of unions across the Episcopal Church.

However, we are saddened that the House of Bishops Theology Committee has chosen to begin this important scholarly work without making public the names of the bishops, theologians and scholars who are serving on this panel. The theological study of human sexuality is essential to our common life, to our mission and evangelism, and to our ability to live out our baptismal promises. Such important work deserves to be no less than a model of the transparent governance that the Episcopal Church has upheld for centuries.

As theologians, priests, bishops and laypeople from across the Episcopal Church, we call upon the House of Bishops Theology Committee to release at once the names of those serving on the panel it has appointed to study same-sex relationships. We commit to praying for them by name and to providing our assistance as they continue their work. the rest

Episcopal Cafe: Secret theology committee studies same sex relationships

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Devotional: Hearts that are “fit to break” with love for the Godhead...

Hearts that are “fit to break” with love for the Godhead are those who have been in the Presence and have looked with opened eye upon the majesty of Deity. Men of the breaking hearts had a quality about them not known to or understood by common men. They habitually spoke with spiritual authority. They had been in the Presence of God and they reported what they saw there. They were prophets, not scribes: for the scribe tells us what he has read, and the prophet tells us what he has seen. The distinction is not an imaginary one. Between the scribe who has read and the prophet who has seen, there is a difference as wide as the sea. We are today overrun with orthodox scribes; but the prophets, where are they? The hard voice of the scribe sounds over evangelicalism, but the Church waits for the tender voice of the saint who has penetrated the veil and has gazed with inward eye upon the Wonder that is God. ...AW Tozer image

Obama asks for ideas; people tell him to release birth cert

June 1, 2009

This is rather humorous. Obama launched a web site last week called "Open Government Dialogue." ...What "idea" is most frequently threaded through the first several pages of top-vote getters? Various forms of "release your birth certificate." the rest

The Emergence of President Obama's Muslim Roots

New EDS Dean: Slain Abortion Doctor a ‘Saint’

June 2, 2009

A vigil held June 1 at Boston’s St. Paul’s Cathedral in memory of slain abortion doctor George Tiller was not only an opportunity to grieve his death and celebrate his life; it was also a huge evangelism opportunity, according to the Rev. Katherine Ragsdale, president and dean-elect of Episcopal Divinity School.

Dean Ragsdale, who led the service of prayers and hymns, told The Living Church most of the 400-500 persons who attended the vigil at the cathedral were probably not regular church goers. During the service a number of letters were read from women who Dean Ragsdale said had been helped by Dr. Tiller, who she described as “a martyr.”

“He gave his life in the service of others,” Dean Ragsdale said. “He did work that was demanding and dangerous and not nearly as lucrative as other fields he could have pursued, and he did this under constant unremitting harassment and terrorism for decades.”

Dean Ragsdale noted that the clinic where Dr. Tiller worked was destroyed in a bombing in 1985 and he had been shot in both arms in 1993 in an attempt to prevent him from performing future abortions.

In remarks during the vigil at the cathedral, Dean Ragsdale called Dr. Tiller “a saint” whose work was consistent with the teachings of The Episcopal Church.

“What is a saint except someone who gives his life to care for others in the service of God,” she said. “He was a deeply spiritual, prayerful man.” link


Day 5 – Trial of ANiC Parishes v Diocese of New Westminster

June 1, 2009

Today was another “standing room only” day in the Vancouver Courtroom to hear the opening statement of the Diocese’s counsel, George Macintosh, QC in the morning and the beginning of Bishop Ingham’s testimony in the afternoon.

Mr Macintosh advised the court that he would be calling four witnesses, Bishop Ingham, Rev Kevin Dixon, Doug McAdams and Rev Christine Rowe, although “there may be some slight adjustment among the latter three” he said. He also advised that he may end before Friday afternoon and that counsel agreed argument would still commence next Monday. the rest

Bishop knew of several dioceses blessing same sex unions before the Diocese of New Westminster did
Felt blessing should be public, not done in a private ceremony

Bishop Michael Ingham told the BC Supreme Court on Monday, June 1, that he knew of several Anglican dioceses where same sex unions were being blessed, long before the Diocesan Synod of New Westminster asked him to issue a rite of blessing in 2002.

It was happening informally, he said, in several Dioceses of the Episcopal Church in the US (a member of the Anglican Communion). He named Rochester, NY, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Delaware, and Boston, as places where same sex blessings took place, as well as in England.

But the bishop was opposed to these blessings, he told Mr. Justice Stephen Kelleher, “I wasn’t in favour of unofficial blessings taking place.” He told his priests not to conduct them, although some conservative priests would not oppose blessings done informally—and one even suggested to him this was a way to resolve the blessing issue. the rest

Irish RC bishops fear new EU law

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Roman Catholic bishops in the Republic of Ireland have raised concerns about a planned EU Directive which could threaten religious liberty.

The President of the Bishops’ Commission on Education, Bishop Leo O’Reilly, said he was worried about the implications of the new law for faith schools and other religious organisations.

The Church of England raised similar concerns earlier this year. the rest

Obama says Iran's energy concerns legitimate

The Associated Press
Tuesday, June 2, 2009

LONDON -- President Barack Obama suggested that Iran may have some right to nuclear energy _ provided it proves by the end of the year that its aspirations are peaceful.

In a BBC interview broadcast Tuesday, he also restated plans to pursue direct diplomacy with Tehran to encourage it set aside any ambitions for nuclear weapons it might harbor.

Iran has insisted its nuclear program is aimed at generating electricity. But the U.S. and other Western governments accuse Tehran of seeking atomic weapons. the rest image

Obama says US cannot impose its values: BBC interview

Conservative Anglicans will gather in TX

Allie Martin

Leaders of a conservative group of Anglicans in the United States will hold an organizational meeting later this month.

The inaugural assembly of the Anglican Church in North America (ACNA) will take place at the end of June in Bedford, Texas, a suburb of Dallas. The meeting will bring together more than 700 congregations into a growing North American province in the worldwide Anglican Communion.

Rev. Peter Frank, a spokesman for the Anglican Communion Network, says the meeting will mark the end to decades of division and will help conservative members of the Anglican Church focus on their main mission. the rest

Holy Twitter! They're tweeting from the pews

posted June 2, 2009
By Diane Mapes

When Kevin Joyce, the 29-year-old pastor of the nondenominational Imagine Fellowship in San Antonio, Texas, looks out at his congregation during his Sunday sermons, he sees “a lot of illuminated faces.”

But it’s not the word of God that’s lighting them up. It’s their smartphone screens.

“We hold our service in a movie theater and keep it dark so we can protect the screen,” says Joyce, who not only encourages his congregation to use Twitter and "tweet" in church, but projects the live Twitter stream on a giant screen during services. “When I look out, I’ll see a lot of people texting and the screens on their phones light up their faces.” the rest image

Bishop John Rodgers: The ACNA Constitution - An Evangelical View

June 1, 2009

Editor's Note: The Rt. Rev. John H. Rodgers Jr. Th.D., retired dean of Trinity School for Ministry, offers an evangelical Anglican perspective on the Proposed Constitution of the Anglican Church in North America.

I am aware that there are several concerns articulated by various individuals concerning the Proposed Constitution and most particularly by Evangelicals concerning language about the Historic Episcopate being integral or inherent to the nature of the Church. We note it is not the fact of the Historic Episcopate that is the concern. Anglican Evangelicals have always treasured the Historic Episcopate and delighted in it when it is exercised in faithfulness to the Gospel. I would like to suggest three reasons why, at this last minute, such concerns should not cause any of us to hesitate to support the constitution as it has emerged. the rest

Comments at Stand Firm

Overcoming schism - the nettle Protestantism must grasp

by Revd John P Richardson
Monday, 1 June 2009

Recently I spent an hour looking at (as it happens) the Ship of Fools discussion forums —but the same would be true of numerous Protestant blogs and websites —and I have come to the conclusion that what we see represented there is not Christianity, in the strict sense, at all.

Rather, what Cardinal Newman said in the 19th century is undoubtedly true of many modern believers who think of themselves as Christian:

“Protestants, generally speaking, have not faith, in the primitive meaning of that word ...”

The problem is, we do not see ‘faith’ as trusting in a received tradition passed on to us through others, as it originally was. Instead, ‘faith’ has come to mean a completely individualistic, ‘pick and mix’, self-made religion. It is ‘my faith’, not ‘the Church’s faith’, around which I organize my life. Pretending to be disciples —learners —of Christ, we have enthroned ourselves as the final aribiters of what is true.

The result is chaos, at the individual and corporate level. The present-day struggles of Anglicanism are simply the logical outcome of allowing everyone, doctrinally, to do ‘what is right in his or her own eyes’.
the rest

Ala.'s Ten Commandments judge running for governor

posted June 2, 2009

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) — An Alabama judge known for refusing to move a granite monument of the Ten Commandments from the lobby of the state's judicial building is again running for governor, with his message Monday going beyond his longstanding call for the government to acknowledge God.

Ousted Chief Justice Roy Moore's kickoff speech focused on economics, social issues and criticism of the federal government.

"While an ever-increasing national government deficit devalues our dollar and plunges us into a recession, federal power intrudes into private business, undermining our free enterprise system upon which we've always been based," said Moore, who is running as a Republican. the rest

Chaput: Using and Being Used

Jun 2, 2009
Charles J. Chaput, O.F.M. Cap.
Archbishop of Denver

The fatal flaw in our developed societies and their idolatry of science--because that's what it is, a form of idolatry and avarice for power--is that their idea of man is too vain and too despairing, too big and too small at the same time. We're less than gods but more than smart monkeys. And the glory God intends for each of us can only be found one way, through one Man.

I've always been struck by the fact that the human stepfather of Jesus was a tekton; a carpenter and builder. So was Jesus himself. Jesus would have known, from a very early age, the feeling of sweat and stone and wood, the sting of splinters in his hands, and the satisfaction of shaping raw material to human need. He would have learned from Joseph real skill at his labor and a respect for the ingenuity of his craft. But he also would have learned the place of his work and his tools in a genuinely human life--i.e., a life shaped by prayer, study in the synagogue, love for his family and people, and a reverence for the Torah, the Word of God. He also would have understood the treasure of silence, and Scripture tells us that Jesus sought it out. the rest image

The law that may stop the president from releasing terrorists into the United States

A REAL Problem for Obama
by Stephanie Hessler

On his second day in office, President Obama issued an executive order to shutter the Guantanamo Bay detention camp within one year--without any plan for how to dispose of the 241 detainees held there. With the clock ticking, the president is discovering that closing Guantanamo is more easily said than done, especially now that his own party in Congress has deserted him.

Recently, the Senate, including the Democratic leadership and nearly all of its members, refused to grant the president the $80 million he asked for to close the facility, voting 90 to 6 to strip the requested funds from a war-spending bill. In a stunning rebuke, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said "Democrats under no circumstances will move forward without a comprehensive, responsible plan from the president. We will never allow terrorists to be released into the United States."

The president may find it nearly impossible to meet his deadline to close Guantanamo without Congress's support. And the $80 million may be the least of his challenges. His greatest obstacle could be a national security law--and one that he voted for. The REAL ID Act of 2005 prohibits anyone affiliated with terrorist activity from entering and living in the United States. the rest

Arkansas jihad shooter was under FBI investigation

June 2, 2009

Last night Jihad Watch broke the news that Abdulhakim Mujahid Muhammad, who shot one soldier and wounded another at an Arkansas military recruiting station yesterday, studied jihad in Yemen. I was just on Fox TV this morning discussing this. Now ABC confirms this, and adds that the FBI was tracking this guy -- but obviously not closely enough.

"Recruiter Shooting Suspect Under FBI Investigation: Man Accused of Killing One Recruiter, Wounding Another, Spent Time in Yemen," by Richard Esposito, Pierre Thomas and Jack Date for ABC News... the rest

A Conspiracy of Euphemism

And now this: Shooting at military recruiting center; 1 dead, 1 wounded; suspect is anti-military Muslim convert

Protestant sects use ads to lure members

Denominations are branding their beliefs
Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Shrinking mainline Protestant denominations are turning to marketing to help stem decades of membership losses and stay afloat.

The United Methodist Church recently released a $20 million rebranding effort aimed at attracting younger members to the large but diminishing Protestant sect. The new ads will appear over the next four years as part of the denomination's "Rethink Church" campaign.

The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America has invested nearly $1.2 million in the past two years launching a similar branding effort based on the theme "God's Work, Our Hands."

The denominations are trying to bounce back from losses that began in the mid-1960s. the rest

'Young Conservative Anthem' Causes Internet Buzz

By Tatiana Cooke
Monday, June 01, 2009

An Internet rap video which claims to reflect true conservative values is quickly becoming a cult success.

"The Young Con Anthem," created by two Dartmouth students, has received more than 115,000 views and has been featured on The Huffington Post, USA Today and a variety of blogs across the political spectrum.

Students David Rufful and Josh Riddle made a rap video which they say was intended to spread the views of the Young Conservatives, a group started by Rufful and Riddle with "a devout mission to spread the love and logic surrounding true conservatism," according the organization's Web site. the rest

NYT: Sonia Sotomayor Has a 'Compelling Life Story' -- Clarence Thomas Didn't?

By Clay Waters
May 28, 2009

Judge Sonia Sotomayor and Judge Clarence Thomas both had compelling life stories when they were nominated for the Supreme Court. But only Sotomayor's story has been celebrated that way by the New York Times.

Sotomayor's rise from a housing project in the East Bronx to Supreme Court nominee was "a compelling life story" in Thursday's lead article by Peter Baker and Adam Nagourney.

And Scott Shane and Manny Fernandez even celebrated the life history of Sotomayor's mother, in Thursday's "A Judge's Own Story Highlights Her Mother's -- A Tale of Rising Out of Hardship." The Times argued that Celina Sotomayor's story was "as compelling in its own right" as that of her daughter. the rest