Tuesday, September 14, 2010

9/11 first responder files suit against Ground Zero mosque developers

September 9, 2010

A Sept. 11 first responder filed a $350 million suit against the developers of a proposed cultural center and mosque near Ground Zero, calling it a "nuisance," "a terror risk" and "an assault."

The strongly worded suit, which was brought by a former volunteer firefighter from Westchester named Vincent Forras. who helped at the Trade Center site after 9/11, with the assistance of the conservative group Freedom Watch. It charges developer Feisal Abdul Rauf and Park 51, the organization behind the mosque, "are the front persons and in charge of operations for interests tied to terrorism," and "are believers in radical Islam and its jihad against America and American interests."

They’ve strongly denied those allegations.

The suit, which seeks class action status, calls the proposed center "a monument to the jihadist’s victory over American ideals of freedom and democracy, [and] a desecration of the terrible sacrifice made by those innocents attacked." the rest


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