Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Bigger Birth Control Bucks Not Working: PP Making No Progress Against Unintended Pregnancy

Guttmacher Study Reveals Startling New Data
Sept. 6, 2011
Christian Newswire

According to a new study released by the Guttmacher Institute, increased funding for Planned Parenthood has had no impact on the rate of unintended pregnancies across the nation, as Eric Scheidler, Executive Director of the Pro-Life Action League, stated in his latest commentary. Even more startling is the unintended pregnancy rate among poor women, which the Guttmacher report says has "increased dramatically."

This data, released in August, reveals that despite a steady increase in government funding, topping $305 million by 2006, the nation's largest abortion provider has made zero impact on one of the very problems they have used to justify these huge taxpayer-financed subsidies. In an August 24, 2011 Planned Parenthood press release in response to the study, the group's president, Cecile Richards, skirted the issue, declaring, "There is no question that birth control prevents unintended pregnancy."

Planned Parenthood provides over 330,000 abortions every year and brings in over a billion dollars annually, but is still fighting to protect its government subsidies -- amounting to hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars sent to its clinics every year. the rest


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