Saturday, October 15, 2011

AAC: Message from Bishop David Anderson

posted October 15, 2011
Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ Jesus,

I want to continue my comments on the dire state of affairs in the Episcopal Diocese of South Carolina and draw upon some expert legal and procedural analysis by the "Anglican Curmudgeon," which we have included in this Update.

I would like for you to stop here at this point, and read the Curmudgeon article titled "Bishop Henderson: It's 'business as usual' in the church." When you are finished, come back to this analysis of what happens next.

Note: throughout my article, the acronym TEC stands for The Episcopal Church, meaning the one which now claims it is multinational, but has executive offices at 815 2nd Avenue, in New York City.

With Presiding Bishop Katherine Jefferts Schori now in possession of almost unchecked power in TEC, and with her judgment clouded by her animus toward Bishop Mark Lawrence and the Diocese of South Carolina, it appears that even sober advice from those around her and the Executive Council will not stop her from drawing first blood.

The Curmudgeon suggests that the likely course of action for her to take will be Title IV.16 which allows her to slap a restriction on Bishop Lawrence. From there, he has sixty days to retract or deny his acts "of abandonment," and if Presiding Bishop Jefferts Schori decides they aren't adequate or in "good faith," then she formally presents Bishop Mark to the TEC House of Bishops for deposition and disposal. No appeal under this section is allowed.  the rest


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