Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Oh, the blessedness of a life in the holiest!

Oh, the blessedness of a life in the holiest!
 Here the Father is seen and His love tasted. Here His holiness is revealed and the soul made partaker of it. Here the sacrifice of love and worship and adoration, the incense of prayer and supplication, is offered in power. Here the outpouring of the Spirit is known as an ever-streaming, overflowing river from under the throne of God and the Lamb. Here the soul, in God's presence, grows into more complete oneness in Christ, and more entire conformity to His likeness. Here, in union with Christ, in His unceasing intercession, we are emboldened to take our place as intercessors who can have power with God and prevail. Here the soul mounts up as on eagles' wings, strength is renewed, and blessing and power and love are imparted with which God's priests can go out to bless a dying world. Here each day we may experience the fresh anointing by which we can go out to be bearers, witnesses and channels of God's salvation to men, and living instruments of our blessed King's triumph...Let this be our life! ...Andrew Murray image


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