Monday, September 23, 2013

Gafcon leaders to review Nairobi meeting plans

George Conger
posted September 23, 2013

Archbishop Peter Jensen of Sydney has released a video stating that he and Bishop Martyn Minns will travel to Nairobi this week to review security arrangements for next month's Gafcon conference at All Saints Cathedral.

Dr. Jensen said it was his "desire" not to relocate the gathering of over 1000 delegates from across the Communion to another country, as he believed it was important for overseas Christians to stand in solidarity with their "Kenyan brothers and sisters" in the face of attacks by Muslim terrorists. The archbishop noted that New York, London and other major cities had been victims of terrorism in recent years, and "we will look into the arrangements already put in place" for the Nairobi gathering. Security was an issue at the 2008 Gafcon meeting in Jerusalem, he said, adding that he would report back to participants shortly.
Anglican Ink

Suicide bombers kill dozens of Christians in Pakistan. NOW will the world wake up to the Islamist war against Christianity?
...Come to that, how much have Muslim community leaders around the world done to condemn this sort of slaughter by their co-religionists? Not enough. Let's see if they manage more than their usual regretful throat-clearing today...

Kenya Mall Attack: Smoke Billows After Explosion
A large explosion sounded Monday afternoon before a black plume of smoke billowed up into the Nairobi skyline from the upscale shopping mall that has been under a terrorist siege since Saturday.

Gunfire preceded the blast and local television channels reported that a section of the mall was on fire...

150 dead in Boko Haram attacks in Nigeria


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