Saturday, October 05, 2013

Syracuse Honor Flight Vets remove roadblock to get into Iwo Jima memorial

by Matt Mulcahy
October 5, 2013

WASHINGTON D.C. -- Late word from Washington, DC that the Central NY Veterans got into the Iwo Jima Memorial by knocking over water-filled barriers. Their three buses were then able to get in to see the landmark.

Also word that when the Honor Flight plane returns to Hancock Airport this evening, it will be met by a 'water arch' set up by National Guard and airport fire equipment. It will be visible, around 6pm, from the airport viewing area. There's free parking if you wish to go...

Compared to battling the Germans and Japanese during World War II, working around a Government shut down in Washington D.C. is a challenge easily overcome.

The dedicated group of Honor Flight Syracuse volunteers made sure this group of 64 aging veterans of World War II and the Korean War had their moment of respect and reflection. the rest
There is a big welcome home parade planned for inside Hancock Airport. It promises to be an emotional moment for the veterans and families who will come out to watch.


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