Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Search Engine Giants Remove Pregnancy Center Ads; Porn users more likely to have affairs...more

‘There is absolutely no need’ to try to resuscitate babies born alive after abortion: columnist
Australia – A prominent columnist has said a campaign to have abortionists attempt to save the lives of babies born alive during abortions is the work of a “lunatic fringe” MP.

Geoff Shaw, an Independent MP in the Victorian Legislative Assembly, proposed a ban on infanticide and sex-selective abortions throughout the state of Victoria.

The measure angered columnist Susie O'Brien of the Herald-Sun, located in Victoria's capital city of Melbourne.

“There is absolutely no need for 'pain relief for fetuses' and resuscitation attempts for fetuses which survive and there is no need for special provisions which protect against gender selection or partial births,” O'Brien wrote...

Coming next under Obamacare is the abortion mandate
...During oral arguments in March, when trying to convince the U.S. Supreme Court to let it force Hobby Lobby to comply with its contraceptive mandate, the Obama administration made a striking admission.

Hobby Lobby and its lawyers from the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty had argued that the government’s position, if accepted, would allow the government to force people to pay for abortions.

The government did not deny the charge. In fact, it admitted that its legal arguments would justify an abortion mandate.

Responding to a question posed by Justice Anthony Kennedy, the Obama administration's lawyer answered “you're right” that “under our theory” the government could force payment for all abortions...

Bobby Jindal, raised Hindu, talks about his Christian conversion
A dozen politically active pastors came here for a private dinner Friday night to hear a conversion story unique in the context of presidential politics: how Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal traveled from Hinduism to Protestant Christianity and, ultimately, became what he calls an “evangelical Catholic.”

Over two hours, Jindal, 42, recalled talking with a girl in high school who wanted to “save my soul,” reading the Bible in a closet so his parents would not see him and feeling a stir while watching a movie during his senior year that depicted Jesus on the cross...

Porn users more likely to have affairs
New research from the US concludes that those who consume pornography more regularly are more likely to have extra marital affairs.

The study, published in the journal Psychology of Popular Media Culture, focused on 551 married adults and was entitled "More than a dalliance? Pornography consumption and extramarital sex attitudes among married US adults"...duh

Search Engine Giants Remove Pregnancy Center Ads
Search engine giants Google and Yahoo have removed pro-life ads promoting the services of Crisis Pregnancy Centers (CPC) across the nation. According to World Magazine NARAL Pro-Choice America and UltraViolet pressured Google and Yahoo to yank the CPC advertisements.

"Yahoo is throwing women to the wolves on this issue," Nita Chaudhary said in a statement, co-founder of UltraViolet. "Desperate women seeking help are being directed by Yahoo to predatory centers where they will face harassment, aggression, and outright lies about their health and safety, and that is unacceptable. Yahoo should remove these ads immediately."...

Ohio measles outbreak largest in USA since 1996
...The Ohio outbreak is part of a larger worrisome picture: As of Friday, the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention had logged 187 cases nationwide in 2014, closing in on last year's total of 189. CDC warned several weeks ago that the country could end up having the worst year for measles since home-grown outbreaks were eradicated in 2000...


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