Friday, October 24, 2014

Does Common Core threaten religious freedom?; Ebola hits NYC; Wastebook 2014...more

Three views: Do the Common Core education standards endanger religious freedom?
Why a nationwide standard for classrooms may cause concern

Man Attacks NYPD Officers with Hatchet Unprovoked
A Facebook  page of man who gruesomely attacked New York police officers with a hatchet Thursday features a profile photo of a heavily-armed man and an image of Islamic prayers, although officials have not confirmed links to extremist documents or jihadi groups at this time.

NBC News, citing law enforcement sources, reported the Facebook page belongs to Zale Thompson, a 32-year-old resident of Queens. The report describes the profile picture of his Facebook page as appearing to be "a Muslim warrior."...
Dallas Nurse Nina Pham Is Ebola Free, To Be Discharged From Hospital

Ebola Hits New York City; Manhattan Doctor Craig Spencer Falls Ill After Treating Ebola Patients in West Africa  New York City remained on edge late Thursday night as local and federal officials encouraged the city that never sleeps to keep calm after news broke earlier that Manhattan doctor Craig Spencer, who recently treated Ebola patients in Guinea, West Africa, had fallen ill from the disease...

Wastebook 2014: Eight Absurd Government Projects Funded With Your Money
1) $171,000 To Study How Monkeys Gamble
2) $856,000 To Film Mountain Lions Running On Treadmills
3) Synchronized Swimming For Sea Monkeys
4) Swedish Massages For Bunnies
5) Free Luxury Gym Memberships For Federal Bureaucrats
6) $331,000 To Study Whether “Hangry” Spouses Are More Likely To Stab Voodoo Dolls
7) $18 Million To Renovate A Low-Traffic Airport That Serves A High-End Ski Resort
8) NIH Spent Over $800,000 To Make A Video Game About Food Fights

Meditative Photo Series Celebrates the Beauty of Stillness Through Glass Windows

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