Monday, January 19, 2015

Muslim prayers in a Christian cathedral; "If you like your weak economy, you can keep your weak economy."...more

Suspected Boko Haram militants kidnap 80 in Cameroon  Suspected Boko Haram Islamist fighters from Nigeria kidnapped around 80 people, many of them children, and killed three others on Sunday in a cross-border attack on villages in northern Cameroon, army and government officials said...

Why Are Christian Cathedrals Opening the Door for Muslim Prayers to a Different God?   At a time when radical Islam is rapidly rising, what is possessing Christian cathedrals and chapels to allow Muslims—however peaceful in appearance—to hold prayer meetings in their sanctuaries? Why in the world would Christian leaders think it's OK to open their doors to false-god worship?

I wasn't all that surprised when the Washington National Cathedral hosted its first-ever Muslim prayer service in November, given its move to allow a transgender priest to preach there. But my jaw dropped when I heard Duke University, a Methodist school, scheduled an "adhan," or call to prayer for Jan. 16. This adhan is an Islamic chant that includes the words "Allahu Akbar," which means "God is great!'" The problem is: It's not the same God we serve.

Duke quickly backpedaled after Franklin Graham lifted his voice against Duke's self-proclaimed move toward unity, which apparently caused hundreds of the school's financial supporters to push back—and hard. Graham exposed Islam as anything but a peaceful religion...
The Underground Jihad Is Rising

Duke vs. Franklin Graham: Which Christian Spaces Are Off-Limits to Muslim Worship?

Gathering the Faithful, No Church Required ...Much of the recent growth has been driven by individual churches deciding to start new congregations, rather than denominations directing the process. Manhattan’s Redeemer Presbyterian Church has started 300 churches in 45 cities over the past 12 years, cooperating with 34 church-planting networks on five continents, according to its City to City network website. The church-planting group Acts 29 Network has started 500 churches over the past decade.

Yet denominations are still participating—even formal, hierarchical ones. The Anglican Church in North America hopes to launch 1,000 churches and has started more than 200 since 2009. Ethnic churches are among the fastest-growing. For example, the Nigerian denomination Redeemed Christian Church of God has grown from a single church in the U.S. in 1991 to about 400 in 2009.

All this helps explain why the physical building may be less important than it used to be. Church planting today relies on social networks, the families and especially the friends of existing members. Many church-planting networks create “missional communities,” a loose term theologically, which simply means small, tightknit neighborhood groups. These groups gather to pray, share meals and help one another with child care, family difficulties or other daily struggles...

Effects of the Affordable Care Act On Economic Recovery
"If you like your weak economy, you can keep your weal economy."


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