Monday, March 16, 2015

Cross and Christ covered up as Muslims worship in Southwark parish

16 Mar 2015
George Conger

Muslim prayer services may not be held on consecrated ground, a spokesman for the Bishop of Southwark told Anglican Ink last week, following reports that a Muslim Friday prayer service or jummah had been held at St John’s Waterloo with the permission of the incumbent.

On 6 March 2015 the Rev. Canon Giles Goddard invited the Inclusive Mosque Initiative to celebrate an “Inclusive Jummah” in the church. A video of the service, released on YouTube shows Canon Goddard participating at the close of the service led by a woman imam, Dr. Amina Wadud. Reading from Psalm 139 he said: “This is from the Hebrew scripture – we all share these great traditions, so let us celebrate our shared traditions, by giving thanks to the God that we love, Allah.”

All Christian imagery and iconography, including pictures and statues of the saints, the Virgin Mary, Jesus as well as the stations of the cross appear to have been covered with sheets during the service at St John’s, the video of the proceedings appears to show, leading some critics to charge that while hiding the cross and Christ may assuage Muslim concerns, it serves to deny the divinity of Jesus... the rest


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