Thursday, June 04, 2015

Police beating hospitalizes four priests in Nigeria; Marijuana-Worshipping Church Granted Tax-Exempt Status...more

Horror: Four arrested for beating pregnant Dallas teen-put aborted baby on grill to burn it   ...According to court documents, between January and March 2013, a teenage girl was beaten at a home in Dallas. There were several adults in the house who were upset with the girl's pregnancy.

Those arrested for the beating were cousins of the teenager.

They learned the girl was pregnant after she was sexually assaulted by a relative and wanted to get rid of the baby, so they allegedly beat the girl until she aborted...

Nigerian troops responsible for 8,000 civilian deaths in Boko Haram fight, says Amnesty . More than 8,000 people have died while being detained by Nigeria's armed forces during the campaign against militant Islamist group Boko Haram, Amnesty International said on Wednesday, allegations that the military denied.

The group said many of the prisoners were executed and others died due to starvation, overcrowding, torture and denial of medical assistance.

Boko Haram's six-year insurgency has killed thousands and left 1.5 million people displaced. The group wants to establish an Islamic caliphate in the northeast of Nigeria, Africa's biggest economy and top oil exporter...

Police beating hospitalizes four priests in Nigeria  Four priests and two lay leaders were severely beaten last month by police in Nigeria as they sought to stop the seizure of church land by local government authorities. The Diocese of Enugu of the Church of Nigeria reports that four of its clergy were beaten with clubs and iron pipes by armed policeman on 22 May 2015 after they sought to stop workers from the Enugu State Housing Corporation from clearing land owned by Christ Church, Uwani...

Muslim community organizer busted in child-sex sting  Ahmad Saleem, who is  Regional Director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) in Orlando FL was arrested on May 28 in a sting operation that netted scores of alleged paedophiles. Saleem, 22, is now facing felony charges for traveling to seduce or solicit a child to commit a sex act.  A Polk County sheriff's detective posed as a girl online. Saleem said he wanted sex with the girl and then traveled to a location in Lake County for the tryst. 
He had been described on the website of Saleem Academy, a local Muslim school, as a “passionate community organizer and educator” and an admirer of Malcolm X and Sheikh Hamza Yusuf (a.k.a. Mark Hanson), who has been described as the most influential Muslim scholar in the United States. Pakistani in origin, the accused Saleem was also described on the Saleem Academy website as having experienced “inner struggles” while attending high school and an “identity crisis that was partially sparked by the Islamophobic climate in America post-911.” He went on to become president of the Muslim Students Association at the University of Central Florida and then founder of the Saleem Academy – an institution devoted to spreading Islam globally. Saleem’s description on the academy’s website was scrubbed after his arrest...
Most Americans look so kindly on churches, they might even go sometime Many Americans today don’t think they have a place for church in their lives.

“But they believe the church has a place for them, when or if they are interested,” said Scott McConnell, vice president of LifeWay Research, which issued a new survey Wednesday (June 3) on perceptions of religious denominations.

The findings show that as many as 45 percent of Americans will look at the church brand on the sign out front — Catholic or Baptist or Methodist or whatever — and drive past, thinking it is “not for me.”...

Marijuana-Worshipping Church Granted Tax-Exempt Status from IRS   A church in Indiana that claims to worship marijuana has officially been granted tax-exempt status from the IRS. The First Church of Cannabis will now been recognized as a religious non-profit, according to Fox News.

The church was founded by 59-year-old Bill Levin who said his goal was to smoke in fellowship with other disciples. The marijuana church does not yet have a meeting space, but plans to hold its first service on July 1, the day that Indiana’s religious freedom law takes effect.

According to the church’s Go Fund Me page, the church stands for love and faith; cannabis is its “sacrament.”...


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