Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Anglican Leaders Received in Moscow

posted September 1, 2015

This week, Archbishop Foley Beach, at the invitation of Patriarch Kirill of Russia, led a delegation from the Anglican Church in North America to Moscow for formal ecumenical meetings with the Russian Orthodox Church. 

The delegation made a pilgrimage to the monastery of the Holy Trinity and St. Sergius on Monday, August 24th before beginning meetings with Metropolitan Hilarion , chairman of the Department for External Church Relations on Tuesday, August 25th.  Later in the day, the conversations continued when the delegation was officially received by Patriarch Kirill at his residence. 
Patriarch Kirill gave thanks for the Anglican Church in North America’s courageous witness in the midst of the dual challenges of an increasingly secular western culture, and an environment of religious compromise:
“Your church went through a very difficult period of its history, and the faithful took courage and had the ability to respond to a great temptation. There are two models of the behavior of the Church and of Christians. One involves obedience to the secular power and the powerful forces that have an impact on social development. The other model involves the ability to speak the truth and to remain faithful to the Christian message.”
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The Matthew 25 Initiative
The Matthew 25 Initiative is an ACNA initiative to develop North American churches and non-profit ministries who serve the poor and needy. It was born out of the heart of Archbishop Foley Beach and the desire of an anonymous donor to empower new and expanding ministry programs and financially establish ministries for a future of long-term social work...


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