Monday, September 07, 2015

Tennessee: 7th graders made to write "Allah is the only God," learn Islam...more

Tennessee: 7th graders made to write "Allah is the only God," learn Islam  ...“My child was required to write ‘Allah is the only God’,” parent Joy Ellis said. “This is a seventh grade state standard, and will be on the TCAP. Christianity was completely skipped and is not a standard. I didn’t have a problem with the history of Islam being taught, but to go so far as to make my child write the Shahada, is unacceptable.”

Marczak said the teachers were covering world history facts of Europe, Southwest Asia, Africa and Asia in the areas of geography, government, culture, economics and religion” and suggested that parents discuss the matter with teachers at scheduled Sept. 17 parent-teacher conferences.

However, Maury resident Bob Crigger said Marczak’s remarks “skirt the real issue” and “shows a callous attitude.

“It did not address the main concern of the parents,” Crigger said. “The parents’ concern is not ‘social studies-world history content related to Southwest Asia culture and religion.’ They are concerned that their children are being taught Islam in the classroom...

The Ethical Cleansing of the Medical Profession
Wesley Smith is right: north of the border there is a concerted attempt to erase the conscience rights of doctors, by demanding referrals for the killing of the unborn (who do not need to put in a request) and of the terminally ill (who thus far do) and, for that matter, of any other procedure deemed “medical.”...


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