Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Half of Guantanamo Population Should Never Be Released; Consequences of abortion...more

 Triple trouble: Satellite sees three hurricanes in the Pacific 
...This sort of gathering marks a very rare happening. Says the Weather Channel: "This is the first recorded occurrence of three Category 4 hurricanes in the central and eastern Pacific basins at the same time."

Pondering Hitler's Legacy
... Of course in all of this, perhaps the most important thing that Hitler did was unleash the United States, a country where earning a living is the definition of life. Hitler believed that his defeat meant the triumph of Bolshevism. It really meant the triumph of the United States and its culture, which it distributed in Western Europe through occupation and in the Soviet bloc through imitation.

The United States redefined European culture. As I have written in Flashpoints: The Emerging Crisis in Europe, it was not Coca-Cola but the computer that was the carrier of American culture. The computer had nothing to do with metaphysics or with the true or beautiful. It had to do with the narrowest form of instrumental reason: It simply got things done, and in doing so, it justified its existence. The computer dominated the world — and Europe — and with it came a mode of thinking, contained in programming, that was so radically different from what European culture consisted of as to almost be from another planet. Of course, Europeans helped found the culture, but they bequeathed it to their heir, the United States. Paradoxically, the United States remains the most religious of countries, with church attendance at its height. Religiosity and instrumental reason are compatible in the United States — a point to ponder....

Defense Secretary: Half of Guantanamo Population Should Never Be Released ...The Defense secretary estimated “there are some, maybe half or so, of the population at Guantanamo Bay that, under conditions that are safe, that is, where we can mitigate the risk that they’ll ever return to the battlefield, we may be able to transfer them to some other country.”

“But there’s another roughly half of them that are not safe to release, period. So they need to be detained somewhere,” Carter continued. “If they’re detained at Guantanamo, fine. I would prefer to find a different place for them, and right now, we’re working with the Congress, because the Congress has to agree to this, because there’re laws restricting what we do with — with respect to Guantanamo Bay.”

“So we’ll try to come up with a plan and work with Congress to see if we can do that or not. It would be a — it would be a nice thing to do and an important thing to do if we — if we can do it. But we gotta be realistic about the people who are in Guantanamo Bay. They’re there for a reason.”...

Eight facts most don’t know about physical and psychological consequences of abortion for women
The following figures, referenced below from an Elliott Institute publication, are eight evidence-based facts about the consequences of abortion for women’ health. I have, where possible linked the references to the original sources.

1. 31% of women having abortions report suffering physical health complications

2. 10% of women having abortions suffer immediate, potentially life-threatening complications

3. Women have a 65% higher risk of clinical depression following abortion vs. childbirth

4. 65% of women suffer symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) after abortion

5. Women's death rates from various causes after abortion are 3.5 times higher than after giving birth 

6. Many women describe their experience as ‘a nightmare’, which can hardly equated with ‘choice’. 60% of women surveyed after abortion responded that: ’Part of me died’

7. Suicide rates among women who have abortions are six times higher than those who give birth

8. Abortion increases a woman's risk of future miscarriages by 60%


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