Tuesday, July 19, 2016

The War On Cops; The Anti-Cop President; 'Living hip' grown in lab...more

 "Worthless Christians" Treated "Like Animals"
Summary of Muslim Persecution of Christians: April 2016

Satanist Invocation Interrupted With Lord’s Prayer During Florida City Council Meeting   ...Hundreds had gathered both inside and outside of the city hall building in expectation of the invocation, which was delivered by David Suhor of the Satanic Temple. Some believe that Satanic Temple members are actually atheist and agnostics out to make a point.

While the prayers delivered during Pensacola city hall meetings are generally Christian, Suhor had requested to present his own invocation on behalf of the Satanic Temple and was permitted to proceed due to fear of a lawsuit...

The Planned Parenthood Investigation: One Year Later A House panel looks at the grisly details  ...Investigation into StemExpress — the primary biotech firm that purchased fetal tissue from Planned Parenthood and resold it to researchers — found that the organization functioned as a middleman between abortion clinics and medical researchers, screening clinics and recruiting those that were most likely to perform abortions that would produce saleable tissue. The firm’s website, for a time, even had a drop-down menu that allowed researchers to select the different fetal body parts they wished to purchase...

Afghan teen refugee shouting 'Allahu Akbar' goes on train rampage with axe ...Police have confirmed that at least four people, three of who feared to be fighting for their lives, have been injured in the horrifying attack - which began this evening. Another 14 are being treated for shock...


The Anti-Cop President. ...So he is justifying—even fanning—the resentment that impelled psychopaths to murder two officers in New York, five in Dallas, and now three more in Baton Rouge. It’s hard not to see his statement as blaming the police for their own deaths, and it’s hard not to condemn such a statement as among the most irresponsible and incendiary presidential utterances in our national history.

Christian Students in China Reportedly Barred From College Unless They Stop Going to Church   ...According to China Aid, the local government in Guizhou announced the ultimatum late last month. After being notified of the new demand, members of Huaqiu Church said they were coerced to sign a document promising they would no longer take minors to church.

Any children who violate the order will be deemed ineligible to take a college entrance exam, the organization said, and denied admittance into military academies. And any parents who bring their children to church will be sued, according to China Aid, and under the legislation, children under the age of 18 may not receive any religious education...

'Living hip' grown in lab genetically engineered to stop arthritis ...“We've developed a way to resurface an arthritic joint using a patient's own stem cells to grow new cartilage, combined with gene therapy to release anti-inflammatory molecules to keep arthritis at bay.

“Our hope is to prevent, or at least delay, a standard metal and plastic prosthetic joint replacement."...


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