Friday, June 09, 2017

Yemen cholera cases pass 100,000; May to form fragile government...more

May to form fragile government after UK election debacle, uncertainty over Brexit talks British Prime Minister Theresa May will form a government supported by a small Northern Irish party after her Conservative Party lost its parliamentary majority in an election debacle days before talks on Britain's EU departure are due to begin.

A stony-faced May, speaking on the doorstep of her official Downing Street residence, said the government would provide certainty and lead Britain in talks with the European Union to secure a successful Brexit deal...

Yemen cholera cases pass 100,000 amid 'unprecedented' epidemic-a total of 798 deaths ...The charity Oxfam said the epidemic was killing one person almost every hour.

Yemen's health, water and sanitation systems are collapsing after two years of war between government forces and the rebel Houthi movement.

Cholera is an acute diarrhoeal infection caused by ingestion of food or water contaminated with the bacterium Vibrio cholera.

Most of those infected will have no or mild symptoms but, in severe cases, the disease can kill within hours if left untreated...

Two Hezbollah Members Arrested For Planning Attacks in New York, Panama  ...Officials stated that the two men did not have a specific plan, but they looked for targets. They also reported that these men “received weapons and bomb-making training in Lebanon.”

French-German TV network shelves documentary that revealed European funding for antisemitic groups  EU, UN siphon off 100 million Euros annually to groups running anti-Israel campaign, German newspaper BILD reports...

Senate OKs U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem resolution 90-to-0 The U.S. Senate, in an extremely rare moment of action without any opposition, has adopted a resolution calling on President Trump to abide by a 1995 law that calls for the U.S. Embassy to be in Jerusalem...


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